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Business Intelligence (BI) Platforms

Business Intelligence (BI) platforms is a specific type of technology. It creates a system that allows businesses to monitor and analyze data. The goal of these systems is to gather data from multiple sources into one platform. This data can include sales, finances, accounting, and more. That data is organized and sorted into a visual, making it easier to understand. The visual information can help businesses make strategic decisions and promote collaboration across departments.

What Small and Midsize Businesses Need to Know About Business Intelligence (BI) Platforms

BI platforms can make it easier for SMBs to visualize their data beyond a spreadsheet. This can take shape as a dashboard that displays lead funnel data so sales and marketing can collaborate or can enable product and customer services teams to visualize customer experience metrics from multiple platforms. BI platforms make these collaborations easier because data is aggregated from numerous sources to create better insight.

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