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DAB+ (Digital Audio Broadcasting Plus)

Digital Audio Broadcasting Plus (DAB+) is an upgraded version of DAB radio. It supports new and more efficient codecs, i.e., devices that compress and decompress digital media files, and provides a better error connection. Traditional DAB signals use an MPEG audio file format called MP2 for encryption. However, DAB+ signals use AAC+ encoding, making audio sound better at a lower bit rate. DAB+ also has a more advanced reception quality, larger bandwidth scope, and incorporates more data formats so listeners can find out information such as song titles and program names. Listeners who have a DAB radio cannot listen to DAB+ stations.

What Small and Midsize Businesses Need to Know About DAB+ (Digital Audio Broadcasting Plus)

SMBs might want to upgrade to DAB+ if they rely on digital audio broadcasting to receive industry-specific news, such as stock prices for an investment company. DAB+ can provide these companies with a better audio experience.

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