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Single Sign-on (SSO)

A single sign-on is a type of authentication software. It allows users to use one sign-on method to access multiple programs within a system or network. When utilized properly, a single sign-on can save users time and boost efficiency. This sign-on information only exists in a secure location, adding a layer of security to the organization's network. SSOs can utilize two-factor authentication, further enhancing their overall security impact.

What Small and Midsize Businesses Need to Know About Single Sign-on (SSO)

Small businesses can often benefit from a single sign-on if they have multiple computer programs. Examples may include accounting software, customer-relationship managers, or data storage programs. SSOs can come within a network. External programs can also provide SSOs to a business. The danger with SSOs occurs if and when a bad actor gets network access. If this occurs, an entire small business network risks compromise.

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