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Multitenancy is a term used to describe a situation where software is launched using a server and provides service to multiple different clients (or tenants). One of the best examples of multitenancy is SaaS (Software-as-a-Service) platforms. Through a cloud-based environment, many users can access the same resources on the same server. Alternatively, they can opt for a single-tenant architecture. This is generally more expensive; however, it does offer additional data security measures.

What Small and Midsize Businesses Need to Know About Multitenancy

SMBs often turn to multitenancy software systems to reduce the cost of hardware or licensing, to offer more flexibility to employees, and to reduce IT costs. SaaS platforms do not require installation and the system is accessible from any device at any time. These benefits are appealing to SMBs with limited resources because it allows them to make the most of their budget without sacrificing on the performance of their systems.

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