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Marketing-Qualified Lead (MQL)

A marketing-qualified lead (or MQL) refers to a potential sales lead that has expressed interest in a product or service. These leads have yet to commit to a purchase and generally have not yet spoken to a sales representative. Because these leads have downloaded offers or previously interacted with the marketing team through social media, blog posts, or other means, they are viewed as more likely to make a purchase than other potential leads. These MQLs are then passed off to the sales team so that the lead can be converted into a customer.

What Small and Midsize Businesses Need to Know About Marketing-Qualified Lead (MQL)

Despite being an MQL, the sales team will typically still perform their own evaluations of the lead before making contact. Oftentimes, a marketing team will create a list of many MQLs and the sales team will work to identify the best leads to pursue from this list.

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