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Scriptless Testing

The term scriptless testing, also referred to as codeless testing, is used to describe a process of testing without using code. Scriptless testing tools reduce or eliminate the amount of scripting involved in creating tests using model, object, data, or keyword-driven approaches. Tests on user interfaces (UI), for example, can be run by people that are not proficient in writing scripts. This allows people with more design or application experience to run tests and examine user experience (UX).

What Small and Midsize Businesses Need to Know About Scriptless Testing

Scriptless testing is an advancement that offers many benefits for SMBs in IT and web creation. Employees with no experience in coding can run tests using it. Scriptless testing also offers more flexibility in reusing test cases in a wider variety of scenarios. Dashboards, test scheduling, and reporting are options that might not be available with script-based testing. In addition, scriptless testing is easier to set up.

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