Fullcast Sales Planner

Fullcast Sales Planner

by Fullcast

Who Uses Fullcast Sales Planner?

Ideal for large organizations with formal sales planning processes and high-growth organizations re-configuring their CRM to account for sales team and territory growth.

What Is Fullcast Sales Planner?

fullcast.io's core platform enables sales operations teams to collaboratively build their go-to-market strategies on a single integrated platform that has the capability to push approved policies and rules directly into their CRM.

By linking planning with execution on a single platform, teams using fullcast.io are able to significantly reduce their execution time, while maintaining 100% alignment between their sales plan and sales motion functions. No plan drift and increased selling to plan.

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Founded 2016

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Fullcast Sales Planner does not have a free version and does not offer a free trial.

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Fullcast Sales Planner Features

Sales Force Automation Software
Call Management
Campaign Management
Channel Management
Commission Management
Contact Management
Contract Management
Customer Database
Email Marketing
Field Sales Management
Lead Management
Opportunity Management
Performance Metrics
Proposal Generation
Referral Tracking
Sales Forecasting
Territory Management
Competitor Analysis
Correlation Analysis
Dynamic Modeling
Exception Reporting
Graphical Data Presentation
Modeling & Simulation
Performance Metrics
Sales Trend Analysis
Statistical Analysis