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Create Apps that match your workflow. The tools we use everyday at work should fit like a tailor-made shirt - no itching, no scratching. Ninox lets you integrate everything you need - applications from different departments to streamline your operations - e.g. CRM, Sales, ERP, Projects, HR & Administration Learn more about Ninox Create Apps that match your workflow. The tools we use everyday at work should fit like a tailor-made shirt no itching, no scratching. Learn more about Ninox
Twilio is the worlds leading cloud communication platform that enables you to engage customers across channels - SMS, voice, video, email, WhatsApp and more. Pay-as-you-go APIs allow businesses to scale communications reliably. Learn more about Twilio Twilio provides simple, pay-as-you-go APIs for businesses to build scalable, reliable voice and SMS apps for the web or mobile devices. Learn more about Twilio
Digitize your forms and workflows using the #1 no code cloud platform for desktop & mobile, so you can love what you do. Empower every user with an intuitive, easy to use and easy to support business platform. Anyone can design using tools such as Word & Excel. Signatures, GPS, connectors, workflow, tasks, dispatch. Overwhelmingly accepted by IT and management teams of the Fortune 500. Ridiculously helpful Pro services and support get you there fast, with a low total cost of ownership. Learn more about Forms On Fire - Mobile Digitize your forms and workflows using the #1 no code mobile-cloud platform for desktop & mobile, so you can love what you do. Learn more about Forms On Fire - Mobile
WaveMaker is a leading Rapid Application Development software platform to quickly build enterprise-grade multi-device apps. It allows developers and business users to work with standard enterprise-grade technologies to immediately create apps that can be easily extended or customized. Learn more about WaveMaker Leading open standards Rapid App Development platform to accelerate the delivery of modern enterprise apps. Learn more about WaveMaker
DHTMLX libraries include different JavaScript components for building rich web apps: Suite with 20+ UI widgets like grid, calendar, form, layout etc, Gantt chart and Scheduler for developing project management apps, Diagramming library, Pivot table, Vault and Spreadsheet. All DHTMLX products are pure JavaScript components with rich and flexible API, highly customizable and editable, with support for all server-side and client-side technologies, working equally well in all major browsers. Learn more about DHTMLX DHTMLX JavaScript components for building web apps: Suite with 20+ UI widgets, Gantt, Scheduler, Pivot, Diagram, Vault, Spreadsheet. Learn more about DHTMLX
Twixl is a creative platform that enables you to create your own native apps and to instantly manage all the contents in the app. With Twixl you create your content using your preferred creation tools, you define the interface of your app and the navigation, you integrate the services you need, you build a native app and you get a platform to distribute your content worldwide, in the app stores or in-house. Learn more about Twixl Twixl is a creative platform that enables you to create native apps and to instantly manage all the contents in the app. Learn more about Twixl
Portal powered by your data. Connect Airtable (Google Sheets in Beta) for an instant portal to engage your customers, interact with your partners and empower your team. Learn more about Stacker Create user portals powered by your database in Airtable. Give customers and your team access to only the data that's relevant to them. Learn more about Stacker
Learn why 1700+ marketing and design agencies are using the Bizness Apps platform to build mobile apps for small business clients. Offer a new, revenue generating service to your SMB clients while staying ahead of the latest trends in mobile technology. With features like unlimited push notifications, mobile food ordering, reservations, loyalty programs, and coupons our apps directly generate revenue and increase customer engagement. Mobile apps for businesses made easy.
Quick Base empowers businesses to quickly turn ideas into applications that make them more efficient, informed, and productive. By using Quick Base, anyone regardless of technical background can quickly create business apps they can use and share with others. Find out why Quick Base is trusted by 6,000 companies, including half of the Fortune 100. Quick Base is a true low-code platform for building, customizing and connecting highly scalable, secure cloud business applications.
ProntoForms is the leader in field-focused low-code application development. Solve issues in your line of business with our drag-and-drop builder that creates apps in minutes. Manage deployment across teams with a few clicks and integrate seamlessly across cloud and FSM systems. Once apps are deployed, leverage analytics to provide business insights that drive decision-making. We're secure, scalable, and the only field-focused solution in Gartner's low-code application platform Magic Quadrant. ProntoForms puts low-code app development at your fingertips. Solve problems in the field with custom apps that build and deploy fast.
With Claris FileMaker you can rapidly build custom apps your business needs but you cant find anywhere. The world's leading Workplace Innovation Platform makes it easy for anyone to create a custom app. Create apps to manage contacts, track inventory, organize projects, and more. FileMaker Pro comes with built-in templates to jump-start your creativity. And a wide array of templates, tools, apps, and training materials are at your fingertips on our Marketplace. Got a business problem? Fix it with Claris FileMaker. Create custom apps to meet your unique business needs.
Syncfusion's Essential Studio Enterprise Edition is a suite of 1,600+ software components & frameworks for developing web, mobile, and desktop applications. Its UI controls are designed to be flexible, optimized for high performance, and relied on by more than half the Fortune 500. With Syncfusion in your toolkit you can speed the creation of elegant, modern user interfaces and read and write common file formats. And do all that with the backing of Syncfusion's dedicated support team. Syncfusion Essential Studio offers 1,600+ software components and frameworks for developing web, mobile, and desktop applications.
When every business process is unique and different from one another, there cannot possibly be one software that solves them all. This must be why more than 4 million users around the world have built custom applications to manage their unique business processes. Zoho Creator provides essential tools and all the help you need to build custom apps; all by yourself, regardless of your technical expertise. Watch our case studies! Zoho Creator is a low-code application development platform that helps you build a custom, mobile ready apps to run your business.
Buddy is a smart CI/CD tool for web developers designed to lower the entry threshold to DevOps. It uses delivery pipelines to build, test and deploy software. The pipelines are created with over 100 ready-to-use actions that can be arranged in any way just like you build a house of bricks. The simplest CI/CD tool ever made, recommended by top developers worldwide.
Rollbar allows you to instantly see & get notified of all errors as they occur, and gives you the data you need to resolve them quickly. Supports all major languages and frameworks, and integrates with the tools in your software development workflow. Modern software teams at Twilio, Adobe, Instacart & CircleCI, Fortune 500 firms, and 100K+ individual developers use Rollbar to build better quality software faster. FREE TRIAL and free plan available. Error monitoring and debugging for modern software teams looking to increase application quality and development velocity.
Build and modify custom software applications that streamline your workflows for maximum efficiency with Kintone, no IT or third-party developer required. Kintone¿s platform gives you the flexibility to build the business applications you need as you go. Whether it¿s a new step in your workflow, a completely new process, or more data fields, you can change it right in Kintone without asking your IT team to help. Think about it. Build it. Kintone's visual application builder lets you create and customize enterprise apps, zero coding required.
Snappii, a leading Mobile Business Apps and Forms company, offering Business Process Automation and Field Reporting Apps used predominantly in Construction, Inspection and Work Order management, has made the digital transformation affordable especially for small and midsized companies. Snappii helps to design, build, and deliver feature-rich business apps and form apps in days versus months without any coding skills. Any business app and form app can be created quickly, easily and affordably. Snappii is a leading Mobile Apps and form apps company. About 500,000 people use Snappii Business Apps in 30+ Industries.
MobiLoud gives you the software and team you need to convert your news or content website into mobile apps faster and at a fraction of the cost of traditional app development. Connect directly with your readers. Offer a better mobile experience. Drive engagement with your content and mobile retention with push notifications. Convert your news or content website into native mobile apps for iOS and Android with MobiLoud's software and team.
AppInstitute's Whitelabel AppBuilder Platform is one of the leading White Label mobile app building platforms available - More than 30,000 apps have been built on AppInstitute's AppBuilder Platform. No Coding Skills Required with Simple Drag and Drop modules, premium templates and 24/7 support , we're a natural choice for entrepreneurs, agencies and institutions. Make money building apps for your clients. AppBuilder by AppInstitute allows resellers to build apps with no coding skills required. Make Money Selling Apps.
Build and deploy apps for remote work and field services without coding. Empower your teams with flexible, scalable workflow solutions and collaboration tools you configure online. Try our intuitive platform combining: a web-based app editor, central database, interactive dashboards, mapping, rich data collection, process automation robots and reliable system integrations. Launch instantly on web and mobile. Free 14-day trial. Ask about COVID-19 Response Support program discount eligibility. Deploy applications faster using a proven no-code configuration platform to build custom workflows that will transform your business.
The primary purpose of the platform is increasing the level of abstraction for applied solution development and usage scenarios. This advances you from low-level technical concepts to more substantial high-level ones, which are widely used by experts and end users in the subject area. This significantly speeds up and unifies the development and support of applied solutions. At the same time, the platform solves typical tasks related to performance, ergonomics, functionality, and more. The key platform feature is the sufficiency of its tools for building applied solutions that solve typical business tasks.
Tadabase is a Los Angeles based software company empowering every business to automate, digitize, and analyze their operations on a single platform without ever writing a single line of code. Schedule automated tasks, automate your workflows between your back-office and end-users, charge your end-users on a recurring basis with with subscription services, use your own custom domain with an included SSL certificate, integrate directly with AWS S3, Dropbox, Twilio, Stripe, Zapier, and more. No code, No compromise.
A low-code development tool for IT pros to develop rapid integrations, automation and web services. Proven and scalable, Linx enables the rapid development and deployment. Developers design and debug solutions in a familiar procedural style using a drag and drop interface with access to 1000s of ready-made functions. Solutions are deployed with one click to servers running in the cloud or on-premise. The fastest way to build & host custom backend applications
Visual LANSA is a low-code development platform used by IT pros to build enterprise web and mobile apps faster, easier and at a lower cost than traditional coding. Trusted by thousands of customers across the globe, Visual LANSA accelerates application development by eliminating the need to master multiple technical skills normally required to produce software applications. Once an app is developed, it can be deployed to an IBM i, Windows, or Linux server. One IDE, one language, no limitations. Low-code development platform for quickly creating desktop, web, or mobile enterprise apps for IBM i, Windows, or Linux.
Mendix is a low-code, high-productivity platform that enables enterprises to transform how their organizations innovate and compete with applications. Building apps on Mendix is easy, fast and intuitive with the use of visual models, enabling a wide continuum of people, from developers to business analysts, to build robust applications without the need for code. With model-driven development, business leaders and IT can have a shared language in which to innovate rapidly. Unlike other platforms Mendix is the fastest and easiest high-productivity platform to create and continuously improve multi-channel applications at scale.
Fliplet is used by leading businesses to create, launch and maintain apps. Apps built on Fliplet power sales support tools, employee training, internal communications, events, process tracking and much more. Fliplet increases the ability of an organisation to innovate while reducing the need for expensive developers. You can focus on the apps business value while we handle device compatibility, security, data transfer and OS updates. Clients include Accenture, Colgate, AON, Deloitte, SKY Fliplet is a leading mobile and web app development platform. Apps built on Fliplet power Deloitte, Accenture, Nestle, Marriott, AON
Off-the-shelf applications rarely match the unique workflows, processes and roles of your people, which kills software adoption and speed of innovation. Until now, user experience customization has cost far too much money and time. Skuid provides a fundamentally new model for creating digital experiences with little to no code required, combining Adaptive Data, Adaptive Logic, and Adaptive UI into a revolutionary Adaptive DX toolkit. Skuid is the #1 toolkit to accelerate Salesforce app design, development, and adoption.
Appaloosa is a Mobile Application Management (MAM) solution. It provides a simple and secure enterprise app store to manage and distribute corporate apps. We have 3 main use cases : - managing enterprise mobile apps on your employees unmanaged devices ; - testing and validating mobile apps ; - streamline your mobile app deliveries. We offer a customer-centric services organization application that can be access by all permitted employees and partners. Appaloosa is a french startup backed by Accenture. We provide a simple and secure enterprise app store to manage and distribute apps.
Mobilize your data, accelerate your business and protect your know-how! Open as App is the only no-code-platform with automated app creation. With our unique technology, you can instantly transfer database and Excel content, charts, calculations, forms or formulas into user-friendly apps with greatly enhanced functionality. Your apps are always up-to-date, and instantly ready for sharing on major platforms data security and governance features already in place. 'Made in Germany'. Your data, your app. Create & share great mobile and web apps simply based on your data in Excel, Google Sheets, or databases.
On-premise app development tool that helps create native apps for the web, macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS and Raspberry Pi. On-premise app development tool that helps create native apps for the web, macOS, Windows, Linux, iOS and Raspberry Pi.
Shopney helps Shopify and Shopify Plus brands to turn their store into native iOS and Android mobile apps. With its easy drag-n-drop design editor, you dont need to have any design or coding skills to create a great mobile app. It has unique features like theme options and in-app chat. So, you can make sure your mobile app is on-brand and driving more sales. Shopney integrates some of the top Shopify apps to bring the entire eCommerce functionality of your website into your mobile app. Shopney helps Shopify and Shopify Plus brands to build native iOS and Android mobile apps. No design or coding skills needed!
Appery.io is a rapid development, integration and deployment platform for delivering cross-device apps in the enterprise. It combines enterprise-grade integration middleware with a browser-based rapid development environment and mobile backend services to accelerate enterprise mobilization. Appery.io enables developers and business analysts to rapidly create and run apps that help businesses of all sizes increase revenues and improve productivity. Appery.io is a cloud-based platform for building and running iOS and Android enterprise mobile apps.
Organize your business data with Protogrid workflow apps. On the desktop and on the go. With Protogrid you get your own powerful business applications in no time, tailor them exactly to your needs and use them conveniently on your desktop and as a full-fledged mobile app. All apps work offline. With user interfaces in any desired languages. Return on Investment often less than one month due to its low code approach. Automated migration of spreadsheets. Flexible integration into existing systems. Get powerful business applications in no time - Exactly tailored to your needs - Supporting any device and language - Even offline!
Low code mobile application generator for Android, iOS, and Windows. Low code mobile application generator for Android, iOS, and Windows.
Low-code application builder to help automate workflows. Low-code application builder to help automate workflows.
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Combination of services and technologies addressing the myriad issues associated with large scale, multi-platform app development. Combination of services and technologies addressing the myriad issues associated with large scale, multi-platform app development.
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Platform that allows no-code rapid application development and ease of use for those good with technology or not. Develop web applications faster, without code. Streamline content management, business process automation and analytics.
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Helps you build applications, integrate with other APIs and deploy faster than ever. Helps you build applications, integrate with other APIs and deploy faster than ever.
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Software as easy as ordering pizza. Around 500 features make up 60% of all apps (thats things like login, secure payments or Live Chat). We have a library of these and our AI helps you pick the ones your idea needs. Then specialists customise them to fit your app idea perfectly. Want to see how your app will work? Get your free prototype in less than 10 minutes. Lets you build, run, and scale just about anything you can think of. Build tailor-made software without writing code.
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Creating a beautifully functioning app has never been easier and neither will it be in the coming years. Swing2App is an app-building platform developed by Hustay Co. LTD. This ingenious piece of software is all that you need to give your business wings and new horizons to fly to. Swing2App is a trusted and preferred no-code app creator platform, where anyone can become their own developer and produce effective mobility solutions for their business model. Swing2App allows you to create your apps, even if you do not know how to code.
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Provides rapid application development with little-to-no programming for any ERP, including SAP & Oracle. Provides rapid application development with little-to-no programming for any ERP, including SAP & Oracle.
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No-code framework to build bespoke enterprise software, without coding, within hours. No-code framework to build bespoke enterprise software, without coding, within hours.