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Bynder is the easiest way to professionally manage your digital content in the cloud. Teams get on the same page for real-time collaborative edits and approvals, simple file sharing and storage, as well as auto-formatting for different channels and file types. With this strong core DAM offering, many adjacent software solutions can easily be integrated. When looking at MRM solutions, we have strong partnerships to offer the best possible experience to our customers. Learn more about Bynder With Bynder's Creative Workflow, Brand Templating and Guideline solutions, marketing teams create more on-brand content faster. Learn more about Bynder
Filecamp is a cloud-based Marketing resource management (MRM) software solution that helps companies organize and share their marketing assets such as images, videos, and brand guidelines. Filecamp have unlimited users in all plans, each user configured with their own set of user-, and folder permissions. Unique custom branding options will make sure your MRM system matches your brand guide. +1000 brands from + 60 countries trust Filecamp with their digital assets and brand guidelines. Learn more about Filecamp Digital Asset Management & Media Library software in one integrated, secure and cost-effective solution. Unlimited users in all plans! Learn more about Filecamp
Dreamdata.io is a world-class B2B attribution and revenue analytics tool. The Dreamdata technology gathers, joins, cleans all revenue-related data in order to present transparent, actionable analysis of what drives B2B revenue. This enables companies to do and understand B2B attribution, LTV of ads, measure content ROI, benchmark growth, predict revenue and make decision on what efforts to scale next. Learn more about Dreamdata.io Dreamdata.io is a world-class B2B attribution and revenue analytics tool. Learn more about Dreamdata.io
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Institutions need a flexible, dynamic, and effective model risk management (MRM) solution that can evolve in step with their requirements and business. ClusterSeven MRM covers a range of model environments and the tools and calculators that feed them, providing a powerful, flexible, cost-effective MRM for any institution, whether you¿re using models to manage the business, develop new products, or to comply with industry regulations. Learn more about ClusterSeven The leader in model risk management solutions for financial services. Learn more about ClusterSeven
Wrike is a marketing resource management software trusted by 20,000+ companies worldwide. Improve your marketing resource planning using resource management and allocation, performance reports, Gantt charts, time tracking, workload overviews, and company-wide visibility all in one place. Integrate Wrike with 400+ applications to accelerate your everyday processes. Customize workflows and reduce the need for emails, meetings, status updates, and more. Work smarter, not harder with Wrike. Wrike is a marketing resource planning software with Gantt charts, performance reports, resource management, and 400+ integrations.
Smartsheet is a work execution platform that enables agencies of all sizes to move faster, drive innovation, and achieve more. Extraordinary marketers rely on Smartsheet for campaign management, initiative tracking, content calendars, event management, and more. With Smartsheet, you can centralize resources, maintain consistency across projects and campaigns, and increase speed to market. Seamlessly connect marketing efforts to ROI and improve alignment with all involved stakeholders. Smartsheet is an online work execution platform empowering organizations of all sizes to plan, manage, automate, and report on work.
Recognized by Capterra users for Best Value and Best Ease of Use, Widen is the enterprise content management company that does what it says, striving to be the best part of its customers' day, every day. Primarily serving mid-to-large enterprises of 1,000+ employees, Widen's cloud-based solutions for enterprise DAM+PIM, workflow, and brand management deliver a complete experience of high-quality software and unparalleled service. Power your content with an award-winning DAM+PIM+MRM solutions and service beyond compare.
TapClicks is world class reporting that saves you time, in the file type you want. Export and schedule automatic reports into Email, Word, Excel, PDF and PowerPoint. We save you from manually generating dozens of separate reports. TapClicks comes loaded with both pre-built visualizations and with a library of widgets you can setup to answer the business questions you regularly face or that come up on the fly. Enhance your ability to make the right decisions, with impactful visualizations. Web-based reporting & analytics platform - consolidating marketing data & performance metrics into a single dashboard.
The leading Marketing Resource Management software for streamlining marketing processes. A better way to control, centralize and distribute creative. Custom brand guidelines pages, compliance tools & killer workflow for approvals, means your team stays on-brand. With awesome integrations, customizable dashboards, automatic keyword tagging, packages for SMB's and Enterprise clients, our expert team ensures your implementation is a success. The best Marketing Resource Management solution for branding, Digital Asset Management, workflow & customer service.
Percolate empowers marketing teams to gain visibility into the marketing process, improve coordination of work, and effectively build marketing campaigns and content with analytics to measure impact. The world's largest enterprises including Mars, UPS, American Express, Eaton, VMware, and Rockwell Automation use Percolate to create a coordinated buyer experience, reduce production costs, and improve marketing impact. Percolate empowers marketers to deliver coordinated, efficient, and intelligent campaigns and content at scale.
MRM software with planning, financial analysis, and performance insight capabilities for global marketing campaigns. MRM software with planning, financial analysis, and performance insight capabilities for global marketing campaigns.
Help optimize your Marketing department's access to your digital assets with the NetX DAM platform. Approval workflow, brand management, content management and easy file-sharing tools make it easy to manage your digital content, all within a modern and intuitive UI. Our customers continually describe our UI as "Beautiful," our team as "Helpful and friendly," and our solution as "Powerful." Come and learn why we're the most powerful, easy to use DAM on the market. Cloud and Onprem. Help optimize your Marketing department¿s access to your digital assets with the NetX DAM platform.
Marvia is a SaaS-based Marketing Resource Management platform. Our software simplifies every aspect of distributed marketing and enables organizations to centrally control their marketing materials while customizing and publishing them on a local level. Organize, customize and distribute your marketing content with ease and maximize results with Marvia. An automated marketing solution that helps brands with consistent brand positioning while creating unique, customised content.
Our solution is designed to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of marketing teams for the maximum utilization of their most important resources: people, time, content & money. MRMcentral is a truly comprehensive Marketing Resource Management (MRM) system. MRMcentral enables marketing departments to manage all the work needing to be done as well as the people needing to do it. Everyone works better, faster, smarter. We are a cloud-based Project, Collaboration and Resource Management platform developed specifically for marketers.
Wedia's Marketing Resource Management solution provides a central hub to plan, manage, distribute and measure your marketing content, such as photos, videos, 3D and other rich content. Our SaaS technology supports primarily global brands of 1000+ employees in the entire lifecycle of content so that they can deliver better user experiences, improve productivity and increase marketing ROI. With our modular solution, it is easy to start and grow according to your business needs. Wedia's cloud-based MRM software suite succesfully supports each step of your digital marketing transformation.
We help enterprise marketing leaders get on top of the five key elements of their marketing operations - their budgets, campaign planning, content development, brand management, and performance reporting. In working with enterprise leaders for more than a decade, BrandMaker has increased their effectiveness in each operational area, giving them the ability to see and respond to market changes with unprecedented agility. That s why Forrester named us as a leader in Marketing Resource Management. BrandMaker gives enterprise marketers the visibility and control to optimize their marketing operations around the world.
MARMIND combines campaigns, budgets and results into one central marketing plan. This allows better planning, improved team collaboration and comprehensive analysis of marketing activities. Using MARMIND, marketers gain control over their marketing and make smarter investment decisions. In addition to state-of-the-art implementation methods, we use a Europe-wide network of marketing experts and technology partners. This way, we ensure the proper use and acceptance of new technologies. MARMIND® combines campaigns, budgets and results into one central marketing plan.
Suttle-Straus combines customized brand portals with quality in-house printing to deliver scalable solutions to companies with distributed marketing needs. Your corporate marketing team provides branded templates, while empowering end users with self-service access to execute local, targeted marketing initiatives. End products delivered by the system include business cards, stationery, direct mail pieces, signage, social media imagery, flexible banner ads, promotional products and much more! Suttle-Straus offers customized marketing portals for centralized management of brand standards and print quality consistency.
CDM is the online platform for centralized brand resources management. It is easy to use and implement. Centralize and share brand resources: guidelines, logos, assets, on-brand approval, all in one place, accessible online on any device by your users. This toolset helps you improve your brand management and tackle these issues: keep your guidelines updated and maintain brand consistency, organize and share your assets with access control, and optimize your on-brand process without e-mail. Centralize and manage your brand and marketing resources: guidelines, logos, assets, on-brand approval, all in one place.
Cooperate allows your entire team to plan and collaborate on all their marketing activities and assets, from one platform. Get oversight of your activity, campaigns and workload with a shareable marketing calendar. Establish an effective, standardised workflow that increases productivity. At each level of the marketing organisation, Cooperate helps team members to be crystal clear on priorities, better manage their time, all while providing clarity to the wider team. Keep your entire marketing team happy, in one platform. Your people, processes and assets can finally live together.
Allocadia handles the financial management piece of MRM. Our software helps your team plan and track marketing spend and measure its impact. We help marketers become better stewards of their budgets by giving them visibility into their investments, keeping them accountable, and helping them spend with accuracy. Allocadia can integrate with virtually any MRM solution or point solution; no matter your marketing technology stack, Allocadia can fit into it seamlessly. Allocadia Marketing Performance Management is planning, investment, and ROI measurement software built for marketing teams.
Hive9 brings your entire marketing plan into an intelligent calendar, providing immediate visibility, insights and better collaboration to ensure your plan is aligned with your strategy. We connect your plan automatically to your budget and actual expenses to ensure no surprises with your CFO and provide better knowledge of your spending by vendor, region, product, target audience and much more. Finally, we clearly show you what is working and what is not through our performance module. Cloud-based MRM solution that helps manage and plan marketing calendar & budgets, and optimize performance, ROI & customer success.
Ontrack Workflow streamlines the way your company administers, controls and distributes Marketing & Sales Assets while maintaining brand integrity. Some of the features include: Flexible Online Portal, Administrative Tools & Workflow Management, Brand Control, Localization & Personalization, Variable Data & Data Merge, Vendor Linking, Reporting & Analytics, API Integrations. Ontrack Workflow is an affordable solution, with quick setup and big capabilities. Sign up for a Free Demo! Ontrack Workflow makes it easy for your company to Manage and Distribute Marketing & Sales Assets while maintaining brand integrity.
Plannuh empowers marketers to create winning marketing plans, maximize budget impact, and improve ROI. Unlike disconnected spreadsheets, Plannuh unifies your budgets and plans in a cloud-based, collaborative platform for achieving true marketing visibility, efficiency, and forecast accuracy. AI-driven automation of expense management and reconciliation makes it easy. In less than one week, marketers can align teams, optimize budgetary spend and exceed organizational goals using Plannuh. Ditch spreadsheets, and use Plannuh to create and manage your marketing budget and plan for significantly improved spend performance.
MarCom On Demand is a cloud-based solution for managing the assets, processes and workflows critical to an organization's marketing efforts and effectiveness. MarCom On Demand is the industry-leading cloud-based solution for managing marketing assets, processes and workflows.
Brand Center, the MRM power application from BrandMaster brings life to your brand, ensures unified communication and controls your brand strategies. Collect and share digital assets, marketing activities, templates, campaigns and communication in one single platform. Our MRM allows you to connect your organization and stakeholders with your brand and marketing assets. Take full control of how, what and when you share your brand and content without loosing track of your brand and communication. Your long-term partner for marketing and brand management. Establish seamless workflows with BrandMasters innovative product suite.
Integrated touch points. More intimate customer relationships. Every customer journey is unique. And every touch point is an opportunity to nurture customer relationships and deepen customer intimacy. Only SAS unites best-in-class marketing solutions, award-winning data management and the world's best analytics to get you in sync with each customer's journey no matter how fragmented. For a clear competitive advantage, and a bigger, better ROI. Integrated platform for enterprise marketing management with campaign management and optimization.
A tool for planning and running central and local marketing campaigns. Additional budgeting functionality can be added as needed. A tool for planning and running central and local marketing campaigns. Additional budgeting functionality can be added as needed.
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Infor Market Resource Management is completely integrated marketing software for managing your entire marketing department and all campaigns, along with the resources and management processes required to get your promotions to market. If you need more speed to market with promotions, & more marketing visibility...you need Infor MRM. Market resource management solution encompasses strategic marketing planning & budgeting, program development & marketing intelligence.
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NewsCred, the world's leading marketing work management software transforms the way marketing organizations work, elevating team performance through an integrated approach to marketing. Through its complete solution of technology, content, and services, NewsCred brings marketing teams together to easily plan, collaborate, and manage work across your entire marketing organization for seamless execution. NewsCred brings marketing teams together to easily plan, collaborate, and manage work for seamless execution and elevated performance.
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In Simple, every asset is assigned relevant information such as keywords and usage rights, so you can quickly find the material you need and have the confidence to use it. Use our DAM to view all marketing materials across channels and throughout the customer journey, so you can ensure youre creating beautiful, consistent customer experiences. Through our open API, assets can be mapped to intelligent workflows and passed off to common cloud-based channel execution tools eg. CRMs & CMS systems. Simple provides a central place for teams to manage their marketing assets across all media channels.
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Helps organisations create, share, manage distributed marketing operations, cut routine tasks, and streamline marketing. Helps organisations create, share, manage distributed marketing operations, cut routine tasks, and streamline marketing.
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Brand center for brick and mortar marketing. myBrand continues where other retail IT solutions, like MRM and DAM, stop. myBrand enables marketers to take full control of delivering and maintaining the intended brand experience to all stores and, at the same time, lower operational costs and reduce cycle times. myBrand is closing the gap between digital and physical worlds. Brand center for brick and mortar marketing. Improve the brand experience in your stores by managing your physical brand expressions.
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Custom marketing planning system that solves a broad range of tasks in communication between manufacturers and their dealers. Custom marketing planning system that solves a broad range of tasks in communication between manufacturers and their dealers.