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HelpDesk is an online ticketing system that simplifies your teams work. Its full of features that foster collaboration within your team. You can use tagging, add private notes, assign tickets to specific team members and create canned responses. To ensure the highest level of security, the system encrypts your data with 256bit SSL protocol. HelpDesk is designed to save your agents time and enable them to provide the highest level of customer service. Effortlessly. Learn more about HelpDesk HelpDesk is an online ticketing system designed to simplify your teams work. Provide outstanding customer support. Effortlessly. Learn more about HelpDesk
Zonka Feedback CX Platform is a multichannel Survey and Feedback Software to transform the way you manage Employee and Customer Experience. Measure the right CX metrics including Net Promoter Score, Customer Effort Score & Customer Satisfaction Score. Take feedback and conduct surveys across multiple channels Tablets, Online, Email, & SMS. Keep your team aligned, view responses and collaborate to close the feedback loop. View insightful feedback reports to target Customer Delight and Growth. Learn more about Zonka Feedback Zonka Feedback CX Platform is a multichannel Survey & Feedback Software. Measure, improve and transform Employee Customer Experiences. Learn more about Zonka Feedback
LiveAgent enables you to harness the power of a fully-featured analytics package that gives you powerful data analysis and reporting tools. Quickly analyze how effective your customer service is by segmenting data by a customer service agent or by type of interaction. Discover 175+ help desk features including gamification features and a built-in CRM. With LiveAgent, providing world-class customer service is easy. Start your free trial today, no credit card required. Learn more about LiveAgent Great customer service starts with better help desk software. Win more customers by providing excellent customer service with LiveAgent Learn more about LiveAgent
Website chat and mobile messaging are the customer channels with the highest customer satisfaction. With Userlike, you can serve them all. Chat with your customers via your website, Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Telegram and SMS. Connect your chatbot and automate parts of your customer interactions. Born and hosted in Germany. Userlike keeps your and your customers' data safe with a 100% GDPR-compliant communication solution. Learn more about Userlike Userlike is the first and only live chat software to help your business win and nurture customers across messaging channels. Learn more about Userlike
Custifys Customer Success Platform is designed for B2B SaaS businesses and enables them to reduce their churn and increase Customer Lifetime Value. Aside from in-product usage insights, it also gathers data from various systems like CRM, support or billing automatically and presents all relevant customer success KPIs and client interactions in an easy to understand dashboard. For low-touch workflows, it has a sophisticated automation engine built-in as well. Learn more about Custify Custify is designed for B2B SaaS businesses and enables them to reduce their churn and increase Customer Lifetime Value. Learn more about Custify
Zendesk is the leading help desk software built for better customer experiences. Improve your CSAT scores by supporting your customers on any channel: text SMS, web, mobile app, phone, email, social media. See why over 200,000 teams of all sizes such as Uber, Slack, and LendingClub use Zendesk to lower their support costs and increase customer satisfaction. Zendesk Support is the leading help desk software built to improve customer satisfaction.
Drive growth, improve customer experience, and inform decisions with the enterprise-grade experience management platform that delivers actionable insights daily. With SoGoCX (customer experience) and SoGoEX (employee experience), SoGoSurvey makes it possible for experts to conduct complex analysis and beginners to get started. Advanced features offer customized solutions for your toughest business challenges. See for yourself with a demo today! SoGoSurvey's products simplify, monitor, and enhance every aspect of an organization's customer experience and employee engagement.
SurveyLegend is the next generation of online surveys engaging, platform-independent & beautiful. We empower companies - large & small - & individuals, to create mobile-friendly, gorgeous surveys. Now you can create great-looking surveys on your PC or tablet, customize the look of your survey however you like, & display collected data with eye-catching & insightful graphics. Creating questionnaires is done simply by drag & drop, & you don't need to be a market research expert to use our tool. Create engaging, platform-independent and beautiful surveys. We empower companies - large & small - & individuals, to collect feedback.
Hotjar is the fast & visual way to understand your users. Hotjar is everything your team needs to get instant visual feedback, see how people are really using your site and uncover insights to make the right changes. Hotjar is everything your team needs to get instant visual feedback and see how people are really using your site.
SurveyGizmo helps you collect the best Customer Satisfaction Feedback from any source, simply and without hidden costs. Measure NPS, Customer Satisfaction (CSAT), Customer Effort and more. Your customer satisfaction responses can trigger automatic messages to alert your team to take immediate action. We make it easy to integrate this feedback into your core business applications and connect it across the organization. SurveyGizmo puts feedback in the hands of the people who can take action. SurveyGizmo puts Customer Feedback in the hands of the people who can take action and integrates with the systems you use every day.
Nicereply helps hundreds of teams at companies like Microsoft, Lenovo, Hubspot and Buffer to measure and improve the quality of their customer service. Measure CSAT, NPS and CES 2.0 per agent, team or company-wide. Increase your survey response rates by 200%. See your data in your support software and set triggers based on it. Get 3x more feedback while sending less emails. Customize both the look and content of your surveys. Set goals, track KPIs, generate reports and more. Online customer satisfaction survey software, including CSAT, Net Promoter Score (NPS) & Customer Effort Score (CES 2.0).
Podium is an Interaction Management platform that's redefining the modern relationship between local businesses and their customers. With tools to get insights in real-time from text-based feedback. The Podium messaging platform also makes it easy to manage all your customer interactions from Facebook messages, Google's click-to-message and inbound texts from one dashboard. Customer satisfaction starts at the first interaction and continues through the entire customer journey. Customer satisfaction software includes feedback, texting software, sentiment analysis, messaging and reviews.
With Yotpo, you can understand what your customers are saying about your products and brand and gain actionable insights to make better business decisions. Using sentiment analysis and natural language processing, Yotpo breaks down customer feedback into powerful consumer data. Track changes over time to recognize trends in consumer preferences and satisfaction. Yotpo, the leading eCommerce marketing platform, integrates data-driven solutions for reviews, loyalty, SMS marketing, and more.
Qualtrics Customer Experience (CX) is the world's most agile platform for customer satisfaction improvement, making it easy for companies to monitor, respond and improve every touchpoint along the customer journey. With the widest selection of customer satisfaction feedback channels, Qualtrics makes it easy to know which parts of your customer journey need attention, prioritize strategic action, share relevant dashboards across the organization, and close the loop on customer interactions. Qualtrics Customer Experience makes it easy for companies to monitor, respond and improve every touchpoint along the customer journey.
The #1 white-label review management and marketing platform for marketers, agencies and SEOs. Grade.us lets you: 1) automate getting more and better reviews on sites like Google, Facebook and industry-specific review sites; 2) recover unhappy customers before they write bad reviews; 3) monitor reviews across the Web so you always know what's being said about your brand; 4) automatically turn your best reviews into SEO-friendly Web and social media content to amplify your positive reputation. The #1 white-label review management and marketing platform for marketers, agencies and SEOs. Automate more and better online reviews.
Get answers fast with Nextiva Surveys, our online customer satisfaction software. Collect the answers you need to understand your audience and make better decisions. Featuring nine question types, survey templates, email notifications, skip logic, and more, Nextiva Surveys provides the tools needed to measure respondents. Plus, businesses can customize landing pages, thank you pages, colors, and everything in between! Seamlessly integrate with other Nextiva products for a full view of customers. Get answers fast with Nextiva Surveys, a custom online customer satisfaction software, to better understand audience.
Tidio is a communicator for businesses that keeps live chat, chatbots, Messenger and e-mail in one place. This software cuts down on the time that it takes to communicate with your customers while also creating a boost in sales and satisfaction by engaging visitors in real-time. Additionally, this product is available on-the-go with iOS and Android features to keep your customer conversations fluid across all devices. Tidio merges live chat and chatbots in one tool to help you skyrocket your sales and level of customer service.
Swell is helping businesses simplify the process of capturing customer feedback and online reviews. With a mobile-first approach, Swell enables real-time interaction with the consumer via the channels most people are familiar with like text and email. Allows businesses to collect real-time customer experience feedback: NPS, CX, and online reviews on sites that matter.
Customer Satisfaction Survey Software. Conduct CX surveys across the customer journey with insightful reporting and actionable feedback! Close the loop with shareable reports, dashboards, alerts and follow-up tools. Built in text & sentiment analysis. Merge your operational data and integrate with Slack, Zendesk, API, CRM & more. Includes unlimited users and works in 47 languages. Enterprise Customer Satisfaction Survey Software. Conduct CSAT surveys for actionable feedback! Close the loop with follow-up & alerts.
Who likes to take a survey? No one. Feedier is a new innovative platform to collect valuable Feedback. Stay leader, turn feedback into growth leverage by making data-driven decisions to improve your services and products. 1. Create highly engaging forms in minutes with your teams. 2. Get more responses through customized messages in your best-performing channels. 3. Empower your data with crossed information from your applications and machine learning 4. Collaborate and take actions Feedier is a feedback management platform to collect valuable insights with your teams through highly-engaging and gamified forms.
Generate valuable insights from your customers that will leverage your business strategy and increase customer satisfaction. Customize the customer satisfaction survey template as you see fit and share it with your target audience. No coding, guaranteed satisfaction! Generate valuable insights from your customers that will leverage your business strategy and increase customer satisfaction.
Broadly's automated review platform helps local businesses generate great customer reviews on the most important platforms including Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor, NextDoor & many more. Our platform helps SMBs win reviews, get more business, and communicate directly with your customers via app or desktop. Online reviews are the single largest driver of how a consumer selects a new service so we're here to help small, service-based businesses (1-100 employees) win a better online reputation. Broadly is a review generation platform that helps local businesses get positive online reviews while protecting their reputations.
CAPTERRA VISITORS: Get 30% Off Your First Month! Get More Reviews is the #1 most trusted reputation management and review generation software used to optimize your review management process with a 5-star rating system, auto social posting, and negative feedback blocking capability. With Get More Reviews, you'll be able to turn your happiest customers into 5 star reviews online and generate real, authentic reviews on multiple online review sites including Google, Facebook, and much more! Optimize review management process with 5-star rating system, auto social posting, and negative feedback blocking capability.
The Genesys Cloud platform is the next-generation, all-in-one cloud contact center solution that helps you manage and understand omnichannel interactions in a seamless customer journey. Give your employees a single tool that handles all communicationsvoice, chat, email, text message and more. An intuitive interface makes it easy to use, whether youre an agent, supervisor or IT administrator. Weekly feature releases ensure youll exceed customer expectations today and tomorrow. Genesys Cloud makes customer relationships simple. We connect phone, email, and chat through one tool for better customer engagement.
With the SmartSurvey SaaS platform, users can capture, analyse and report virtually any type of data via a simple, yet stylish, online survey service. SmartSurvey allows users to directly reach the people whose opinions matter the most, clients, partners, patients, students and suppliers. SmartSurvey specialises in providing survey solutions for multinational business and enterprise clients, offering dedicated support and secure data storage on UK/EU based servers. SmartSurvey is an online survey solution that helps anyone create surveys, collect data and analyse results.
Run your own branded loyalty program! You get an advanced rewards program with incentive campaigns and built-In multi-channel communication with autopilot operation. Recognize customers for purchases and/or visits, increase customer retention and foster growth. This is NOT a community program; you own ALL your data! Web, Tablet, Mobile and PC interfaces available. Run your own branded loyalty and rewards program where you own ALL your data! Web, Tablet, Mobile and PC interfaces available.
----> Built for service businesses (B2C), SaaS, & agencies. NiceJob is the easiest way to increase customer satisfaction + create advocates by getting them to recommend you to all their friends via online reviews. Like word of mouth only 1000x better. Never send a survey again while knowing exactly what your customers think about your service. See who your biggest fans are, and quickly respond to customer issues. No contracts, 14-day free trial, then just $75/month. ----> The easiest way to increase customer satisfaction + create advocates. Like word of mouth only 1000x better. Try it free!
Our Satisfaction Management Software can help you improve client and caregiver satisfaction and become an award-winning agency. Our Satisfaction Management Software can help you improve client and caregiver satisfaction and become an award-winning agency.
QuickTapSurvey lets you capture in-person data that matters to your business. Build, customize, and launch your data collection campaigns in minutes with 100% data coverage guarantee (no internet required). Perfect for in-person lead capture, trade shows, intercept marketing, market research, and customer satisfaction. QuickTapSurvey makes it easy to ask smart questions anywhere (no internet required and a 100% data coverage guarantee).
Build better customer experiences with Groove. Everything you need to convert, support, and delight your customers. Everything in one place. No matter how you talk with your customers (email, social media, chat, or the phone), easily keep track of it all in our intuitive dashboard. Build better customer experiences with Groove. Everything you need to convert, support, and delight your customers.
Why aren't my visitors converting? As many as 99% of your visitors will never turn into customers, and Lucky Orange knows why. Installation is fast and takes just a few seconds no coding required. In addition, Lucky Orange is easy to use, ready to go out of the box, and every plan includes full access to all of our features, including Dynamic Heatmaps, User Recordings, Live Chat, Surveys & Polls, Conversion Funnels, Realtime Dashboard, and Daily Email Reports. See how visitors really use your site with Dynamic Heatmaps, Visitor Recordings, Form Analytics, Live Chat, Polls, and more!
Unified communication and call center solution with call management capabilities; handles telephone, internet, fax, email, etc. Unified communication and call center solution with call management capabilities; handles telephone, internet, fax, email, etc.
Simplesat offers fun and easy one-click customer surveys for online service teams. Multi-scale CSAT surveys are easy to embed in email signatures or directly in your helpdesk closed ticket notification emails. Upload your customer list to set recurring NPS email surveys on autopilot. All your feedback ends up in once place - making it easy to analyze and take action. Finally, Simplesat makes it possible to publish positive feedback as testimonials on your website in real-time! Delightfully easy to use one-click satisfaction surveys for service minded professionals.
Signpost is the complete and automated solution to collect customer feedback, get more and better reviews, win new customers, get referrals and increase repeat business. The automated marketing platform that will get you new customers, 5-star reviews and loyalty. Guaranteed.
Get insight into the features and product areas your customers care about most. The Centercode Platform offers extensive reporting tools and customizable dashboards, giving you a clear view into what's delighting your customers and what areas need your immediate attention. Get a bird's eye view of what's driving customer satisfaction with Centercode's suite of customizable reporting tools.
SurveyMonkey CX is a turn-key NPS solution with robust features designed to collect, understand, and act on your customer feedback. Trigger personalized surveys through multiple channels to increase response rates. Identify improvement areas using advanced analytics - from key driver analysis to industry benchmarks. Take action faster by quickly closing the loop with customers. Easily share NPS insights with your team using custom reports, data exporting, and integrations. The best NPS solution for business. Get actionable insights to grow your business with SurveyMonkey CX.
Reputology is the best-of-breed Review Monitoring & Customer Feedback platform for enterprises that operate multiple physical locations. Engage unhappy customers quickly & monitor anywhere customer feedback happens: Google, Facebook, comment cards, etc. Uncover the root causes for customer compliments and complaints to make meaningful, long-term improvements. Fortune 500 companies utilize Reputology as well as recognized brands like Golds Gym and House of Blues. Reputology is the Review Monitoring & Customer Feedback platform that helps multi-location enterprises improve the customer experience.
SurveySparrow helps you create interactive customer feedback surveys. Measure customer satisfaction index, identify & fix problem areas, close the feedback loop & improve customer relationships, effortlessly. Gauge your customer pulse periodically with Recurring Surveys and keep a tab on your CSAT score. With easy sharing options, reach out your customers via Web, Mobile, Social, and E-mail to easily collect feedback from your customers, anytime, anywhere. Engage better with your customers with conversational surveys. Gauge customer pulse periodically and improve customer satisfaction.
With GetFeedback for Salesforce, you can automatically collect customer feedback at critical touchpoints in the customer journey. Pull more context into your surveys then push feedback into Salesforce so you can measure valuable customer metrics like NPS, CSAT, or CES and take intelligent action to improve your customer experience. GetFeedback customers see a 240% increase in response rates and 7x faster implementation than other cx survey platforms. GetFeedback is the #1-rated feedback solution for Salesforce. Seamlessly connect all of your CX surveys for actionable insight.
SurveyLab is a professional online survey tool that supports survey creation, automates response collection and report generation. System is a web application and no additional software expect web browser is needed to use it. Some of the service features include: advances logic & randomization, any language support & multi-language surveys, teamwork & survey results sharing, enhanced security (SSL/HTTPS), survey results export (Excel, SPSS, PowerPoint), branding & white label surveys, API. Professional online survey software. Surveys, questionnaires, forms and tests for Customer Experience, Market Research, HR and more!
Built for large companies, Key Survey is a flexible, scalable, and integrated platform for tracking and improving customer satisfaction. Use beautiful and engaging surveys, automated notifications and workflows, and powerful analytic tools to understand exactly where to make improvements or promote good behaviors. When you connect Key Survey to your other IT systems, you'll close the loop between Marketing, Sales, Operations, and Customer Care. Built for large companies, Key Survey is a flexible, scalable, and integrated platfom for tracking and improving customer satisfaction.
A modern customer experience platform helping businesses to create personalized interactions at every step of the customer journey, increase audience involvement and gather better data. With involve.me users can easily create and publish lead pages & promotions for lead acquisition, quizzes & personality tests for lead qualification & segmentation, price calculators & digital sales assistants for sales conversion and product & customer satisfaction surveys for measuring customer experience. A modern customer experience platform helping businesses create personalized interactions at every step of the customer journey.
Powerful survey software tool with 24 x 7 support & advice from survey experts. Perfect tool for businesses and consultants to uncover knowledge & ideas, make decisions & drive action. Create & deploy any type of survey. Engage employees and teams to uncover their suggestions & improve performance. Discover what customers say & recommend. Find out your Net promoter Score (NPS). Explore opinions & generate ideas. Conduct research on markets & potential customers. Powerful survey software tool for businesses and consultants to uncover knowledge & ideas, make decisions & drive action.
Feedbackly is a all-in-one feedback tool that turns feedback into sales and growth automatically through the entire customer journey. Create customizable surveys and publish them simultaneously on any sales/communication channel; Then analyze the responses in our industry-leading dashboard and in customer journey specialized analytics tool. Leverage the concept of customer journey mapping to track satisfaction levels with precision. Then use this insight to make sound business decisions. All-in-one feedback suite with omnichannel distribution, visual customization and survey creation through the customer journey.
We know customer satisfaction is the #1-indicator of success for MSPs and helpdesks, and we're the experts in the space. SmileBack's CSAT, NPS and reporting tools empower you to drive your business by making feedback abundant and actionable. Our products will not only dramatically increase the amount of feedback you receive, but also help you analyze and take meaningful action from it in order to improve customer retention and market to new opportunities. SmileBack is the only customer feedback system specifically designed for MSPs and focused exclusively on customer satisfaction.
The zenloop platform manages the entire feedback cycle and empowers companies to leverage the results of customer feedback. Our Net Promoter System® (NPS) software reveals scope for improvement by smartly leveraging the power of artificial intelligence and self-learning algorithms. Send surveys to your customers at any touchpoint and investigate their shopping experience. This allows E-Commerce companies to address the voices of (un)happy customers, increase CLV and prevent churn. zenloop automates customer retention by analyzing customer satisfaction and collecting feedback at each customer touchpoint.
Building artificial intelligent chatbots for the everyday online retailer. Acobot is one of the leading artificial intelligence chatbot providers for e-commerce and online retailers. Powered by advanced machine learning technology, Acobot learns from your website and engages with users autonomously. No coding needed, Acobot is supported by leading e-commerce builders such as Shopify, WooCommerce, and others. Acobot is an artificially intelligent chatbot that uses machine learning to engage with your customers automatically.
Trusted by Peloton, Uber, Slack, Instacart, Target, Cisco, OpenTable, and thousands of other brands to measure, understand, and improve customer satisfaction, Delighted is the #1 tool for gathering, analyzing, and acting on CSAT feedback. In minutes, you will have branded, multi-channel surveys that are optimized for high response rates. Set benchmarks, monitor scores, and integrate feedback into your existing toolset to close the loop immediately. Starting price at $0/Year Delighted is the easiest and fastest way to gather and act on customer, satisfaction and experience insights.
A simple tool for real-time customer feedback gathering, rewarding employees, and team performance tracking. A simple tool for real-time customer feedback gathering, rewarding employees, and team performance tracking.
Listen360 serves multi-location brands across the world. Our customer engagement platform is the key to listening to and learning from your customers. Through metrics and insights, we help you leverage direct customer feedback to make your products and services more meaningful to the customers you serve. Customer engagement platform with sentiment monitoring, feedback capture, closed-loop follow-up, review posting, and text analytics.
Once a service job is complete, you want feedback right? That's Quality Driven Software! Through our app, send an email or text survey to your customer on a beautifully designed template. Once you receive that feedback, our app will tie the job to the employee who performed the work. By having these satisfaction scores tied to the employee, you'll rest MUCH easier knowing who needs a raise & who needs to be fired. Increase customer retention *and* your online reviews - we do that too! Customer satisfaction feedback management. Increase profits, decrease churn, get more online reviews. Yep- we do that too!
Capture, Deliver, Measure & Evolve Product Knowledge. Elevio enables teams by delivering contextual knowledge to customers, support agents and internal teams. We assist in delivering over 16 Million answers per month for 500+ companies Answering the same questions? Create and deliver in-app contextual help before your customers ask the same questions. Deflect, on average, 23% of support tickets. Leaving your team to focus on more complex customer questions. Help Customers, Help themselves! Elevio provides self-service support on-demand to your customers, when and where they need it.
Survicate is a powerful survey, NPS and feedback management software that helps you capture more customer feedback and deliver a better customer experience. Survicate offers: website, web app and in-product (in-app) surveys, email and link surveys and mobile app surveys for Android and iOS. Survicate also offers two standalone products: Feedback Hub for managing customer feedback from multiple sources in one place and Feedback Button for collecting quick website feedback. Capture more customer feedback and deliver a better customer experience. Use 20 native integrations to act on customer feedback.
Bold360 is the ultimate AI-powered customer satisfaction platform helping companies of all sizes build and nurture customer relationships while delivering better experiences for both customers and the employees serving them. By blending the best of AI and agent-based technology, Bold360's suite enables companies to meet soaring customer expectations while allowing agents to do what they do best - be human. Bold360 is an AI-powered customer satisfaction solution delivering personalized interactions and the fastest time-to-value.
Medallias award-winning SaaS platform, the Medallia Experience Cloud, leads the market in the understanding and management of experience for customers, employees and citizens. Medallia captures experience signals created on daily journeys in person, digital and IoT interactions and applies proprietary AI technology to reveal personalized and predictive insights that can drive action with tremendous business results. Cloud-based customer experience management tool that helps businesses capture and analyze customers' feedback to improve brand value.
Cloud-based solution for businesses that helps automate and manage online customer reviews and brand reputation. Cloud-based solution for businesses that helps automate and manage online customer reviews and brand reputation.
Capture, organize, and analyze user feedback in one place to inform your product decisions. Prioritize feedback, build a roadmap, and close the communication loop with a built-in changelog. Canny is a user feedback tool built to cover everything you need to navigate the entire feedback cycle.
Retently helps you efficiently measure customer satisfaction, collect valuable client feedback that you can act on, prevent customer churn, and turn Detractors into Promoters. Retently will send your customers a single question satisfaction survey. They'll give your business a score and provide additional feedback. Your Net Promoter Score will be calculated based on the survey responses. Helps you track your business Net Promoter Score, collect valuable customer feedback, and improve customer loyalty.
Modular software for working with telephone, online, in-person and printed questionnaires as well as panel management. The Survey System is the most complete software available for all types of survey research. Includes advanced logic and comprehensive reporting and analysis. The Survey System has been refined and expanded in response to client comments and requests since 1983. Modular software for working with telephone, online, in-person and printed questionnaires as well as panel management.
Web-based solution that provides live chat through help desk, social media integration, mobile access, reporting and more. Web-based solution that provides live chat through help desk, social media integration, mobile access, reporting and more.
Skilljar is the leading training platform purpose-built for external education. Customer Training and Enablement teams at hundreds of innovative companies rely on Skilljar to successfully onboard, engage, and retain customers. Skilljar¿s platform enables technology, insurance, healthcare, transportation, and manufacturing companies to educate users through every stage of the customer journey, greatly increasing the odds of customer satisfaction and long term relationships. Skilljar's cloud-based, mobile-responsive learning management system (LMS) enables businesses to scale customer and partner training.
GuildQuality provides customer satisfaction surveying, web-based performance reporting, and marketing services for home builders, remodelers, contractors, and real estate professionals. More than 2000 of North America's best home professionals rely on GuildQuality to help them deliver an exceptional customer experience, and articulate the quality of their service to prospective customers. Customer satisfaction surveying software for quality-minded building professionals.
Cisco's Webex Experience Management (formerly known as CloudCherry) is a Customer Experience Management (CEM) platform that is changing the way organizations around the globe listen and respond to customers. The solution's innovative journey-based approach, integrations, and predictive analytics allows business leaders to quickly understand customer needs to proactively tackle churn, increase recommendations, and improve productivity. Cisco Webex Experience Management (formerly CloudCherry) is an AI-powered experience management solution for CX-centric organizations.
FeedbackFive allows you to trigger official Amazon review requests using the same system behind the Request a Review button in Seller Central. Request and manage feedback and reviews using the software trusted by tens of thousands of sellers in over 100 countries and across 15 Amazon marketplaces including: Australia, Brazil, Canada, France, Germany, India, Italy, Mexico, Netherlands, Singapore, Spain, Turkey, UAE, UK, and US. Amazon feedback and review software trusted by tens of thousands of sellers in over 100 countries and across 15 Amazon marketplaces.
We are proud to offer an unbeatable customer satisfaction measurement tool, with an award-winning service team, vast reporting capabilities, and a long list of system integrations. The regular, real-time feedback available with CT has been a game-changer for so many of our customers. An out-of-the-box reporting suite, with both a clear mission control overview and a wide range of in-depth reporting options. Installation is simple, easy, and can be achieved in minutes. 1-click feedback email solution that allows your customers rate your offerings. Generate your own buttons & embed them in any email.
Wootric offers a modern approach to customer feedback management. Our consultative approach helps you develop a rigorous VoC program that will deliver impact fast, and that can expand as your needs evolve. - Net Promoter Score (NPS), CSAT and Customer Effort Score (CES) microsurveys - Text & Sentiment analysis - Executive dashboards and reporting. - Integrations with Salesforce, Zendesk, Slack, Intercom, Hubspot integrations to trigger surveys and/ or act on data. Modern Customer Experience (CX) management software. NPS, CSAT & CES microsurveys help you improve your customer journey.
Thematic is a Feedback Analysis platform for medium and large companies. We help data-driven teams improve customer experience of their products and services. We analyze feedback collected through surveys, reviews, social media and contact center logs using award-winning AI. You can easily edit the results, find deep actionable insights and share professional reports with your company. Thematic integrates with Qualtrics, SurveyMonkey, TypeForm, and other feedback collection tools. Customer Insights Platform
Giftbit is a rewards platform that lets users buy, send & track digital gift cards. With its web application and API, dedicated customer support, and stats on user behavior and delivery - Giftbit is designed to make it easier to fulfill and manage reward and incentive programs. Giftbit is a rewards platform that lets you buy, send & track digital gift cards.
LeadQuizzes allows marketers to create quizzes, surveys, and forms to increase your leads and learn about your audience without a developer. Leverage user-provided quiz answers to segment and update your contacts with our integrations. Capture more leads and data from your website with our powerful popup controls. Create highly targeted custom audiences using our Facebook integration. Steal inspiration from our hundreds of templates and case studies! LeadQuizzes allows marketers to create quizzes, surveys, and forms to increase your leads and learn about your audience.
Capacity is a secure, AI-native support automation platform to help you and your team save time and work smarter. With the help of state-of-the-art AI, companies such as USA Mortgage, Newell Brands, Penguin Random House, and many more are turning to Capacity for their knowledge base, helpdesk and workflow automation needs. Thousands of employees at organizations large and small use Capacity to help do their best work. See what Capacity can do for you, your customers, and your team today! Capacity is a secure, AI-native support automation platform to help you and your team save time and work smarter.
Q One is a SaaS (software-as-a-service) single cloud-based, multi-channel, multi-currency, and multi-lingual market research platform offering a full range of features for research professionals and organization focusing on automating panel recruiting/management, incentivizing panel member, survey programming and data collection that increase panel engagement and collect real-time data driven insights. Panel Management Data Collection Survey Design Fraud Prevention CRM Quotation Instant messenger Project Management
Intouch Insight customer satisfaction software helps organizations transform every customer interaction into an opportunity to delight the customer. Collect feedback from any source including social media, review sites, customer satisfaction surveys, mystery shopping and more. Customizable dashboards and robust analytics make it easy for companies to monitor and manage customer satisfaction across the entire customer journey. Intouch Insight customer satisfaction software helps organizations understand and take action on customer feedback.
SupportCenter Plus is a web-based, ITIL-ready support software designed for IT organizations that offer IT support to their clients. It serves as a common platform for all customer service management. Users can track, manage, and resolve help desk tickets easily, thereby delivering prompt customer support that takes customer satisfaction to a whole new level. Give your Support Desk a powerful and visual makeover.Try Support Center Plus.Take the first step towards world-class customer support
The CustomerGauge Account Experience (AX) platform enables B2B companies to monitor account engagement, collect feedback through surveys, segment real-time results, and map feedback to changes in revenue & customer metrics (e.g. NPS). Through native integrations, CustomerGauge users can monitor engagement trends across a variety of activities including how often key stakeholders answer customer surveys, submit support tickets, open marketing emails, attend business reviews, and so much more. CustomerGauge enables B2B companies to collect customer feedback & monitor behavioral trends to retain accounts and increase revenue.
WHAT ARE YOUR CUSTOMERS REALLY SAYING? Automatic classification of incoming customer data, whatever the channel. Understand what your customers are really saying, in near real time. Get early warnings of issues, fast track any complaints or urgent enquiries and get your customer channel right first time. CSat improved by up to 20%, FCR Improved by 50%, AHT reduced by 35% and Customer Churn reduced by 18% The AI platform that automatically analyses your customer data in real time.
Own or manage a restaurant? TalkToTheManager is the perfect customer feedback solution. You no longer need guest comment cards. TalkToTheManager allows business owners to get anonymous comments from customers by text message and the ability to reply in real-time in order to address customer service, product, and facility issues, often while the customer is still on-site. Intercept negative feedback, avoid negative reviews and create strong customer relationships. Our customers love it! Own or manage a restaurant? Let your customers text their comments anonymously. Management can reply in real-time to fix issues.
RepuGen is a healthcare reputation management and patient satisfaction software for medical groups, hospitals, doctors and dentists. It gives you tools to gather genuine patient feedback and manage new reviews. You will be notified the moment a patient has a negative experience, so you can reach out to perform service recovery before they post a negative review. Satisfied patients will be driven to post positive reviews on sites like Google, Yelp. HealthGrades, and more. RepuGen is a healthcare reputation management software that automates patient satisfaction monitoring and helps your practice grow.
ReviewSpreader helps companies connect with their customers quickly by sending review requests straight to where customers hang out; their cell phones! Easily manage your online reviews under one roof with our comprehensive reputation management dashboard. Helping companies get more feedback and online reviews.
Social media tool that enables customer service and marketing through customer engagement, social media monitoring, and analytics. Social media tool that enables customer service and marketing through customer engagement, social media monitoring, and analytics.
Feedback management solution that provides user engagement through interactions and sentiment analysis. Feedback management solution that provides user engagement through interactions and sentiment analysis.
STAMP is a B2B Retention Automation Platform for companies with > $25M in revenue that visualizes data in real time, starting with a summary dashboard across your customer base, while enabling drill down to each and every client. STAMP also provides comparative analytics by decision maker, company, and account manager. STAMP empowers organizations to analyze whats most important to their customers, measure performance in key categories, and implement Playbooks to retain key accounts. STAMP is a B2B Retention Automation Platform that determines how well you are delivering on the needs of your most important customers.
Khoros Communities enable organizations to host a vibrant space where people find answers, develop expertise, share experiences, and build your brand. Khoros, leader in brand communities, powers over 400 of the worlds most recognized brands. With 15+ years of experience, the most robust set of features, a platform built for enterprise scale and security, and a dedicated services organization. Khoros ensures your community will reduce cost, delight customers & grow your business. Khoros ensures your community will reduce cost, delight customers & grow your business.
Helprace tightly integrates all customer service tools under one umbrella. Combine the email ticketing system, knowledge base, docs, customer management and feedback systems and offer better customer service. Best of all, pay only for what you need. Helprace streamlines your customer service process. Ticketing system integrated with feedback portal and knowledge base.
The ServiceGuru Kiosk captures feedback about your staff and business, so you know how your customers really feel about their experience. Collect 50x more feedback than review sites, receipt surveys, and traditional methods combined. The healthcare, hospitality, retail, and entertainment industries use ServiceGuru kiosks to ensure their customers are happy and to improve their service. All hardware, software and support needed to run the kiosks is provided as a service with month to month. Collect 50X more feedback with a fast automated kiosk to improve your customer service and online reviews.
Collect feedback directly in your website and analyze it to gain valuable insights. Collect feedback directly in your website and analyze it to gain valuable insights.
**For Large Enterprise Only Due to High Demand** Pypestream is a customer satisfaction platform, reimagined. Built to usher the customer-centric enterprise into the digital age with "always-on" automation. No more big call centers, no more embarrassing NPS scores and no more cobbling together tech from multiple vendors. Pypestream elevates customer experience with all-in-one cloud messaging backed by military-grade security and a patented carrier purpose-built to handle any volume. A customer satisfaction platform, reimagined. Trusted by the world's leading enterprises.
Confirmit provides a scalable end-to-end platform which enables users to create, deploy, manage, and analyze the results of research projects and feedback programs ranging from a few hundred to millions of respondents. Market Research agencies benefit from the comprehensive platform that incorporates a range of data collection modes and full panel management capabilities to standardize their processes and yield lower total cost of ownership. User-friendly software enabling creation of powerful and valuable survey research and feedback applications.
A customer satisfaction tool that uses surveys to monitor customer satisfaction over a period of time. Use this data to identify unhappy customers, build customer loyalty, find your advocates and benchmark your performance against others in your industry. Client Heartbeat puts on this customer satisfaction data into a super simple dashboard. Try the live dashboard for free. Customer satisfaction solution that helps businesses organize surveys, identify improvement areas, enhance client retention, and more.
Fuel Cycle is the leading experience management platform that transforms brand interactions through communities (discussions, surveys, live chats, progressive profiling, diary study, and crosst abs, Plus panels to find the audience you need and integrations with the industries top applications through FCX Marketplace allowing a true unified research ecosystem. FC is the only XM platform that offers live mobile interviews so you can capture in the moment feedback. See the difference we can make! Experience management platform that helps businesses provide insights to connect the product, brand, customer, and employees together.
AppFollow drives a holistic approach to app management that helps to unlock new business opportunities and gives marketing and support teams viable tools to get insights and drive customer engagement. Covering all key areas, such as real-time data performance monitoring, following competitors and benchmarks, keywords optimization, AppFollow provides reviews management, enables help desk integrations, and enhances teamwork. ASO platform that helps users identify keywords, store data, manage revenue flows, generate reports, and more in real-time.
Customer testimonials, automated. Set up in 10 minutes. Customer testimonials, automated. Set up in 10 minutes.
Real-time customer feedback platform for brick & mortar businesses looking to connect with customers daily, improve service, and grow repeat business. Real-time customer feedback platform for brick & mortar businesses.
Rivews is a new generation patient satisfaction and online reputation management solution. Enabling facilities to collect patient feedback and transform brand reputation by: Collecting 100s of reviews online to become the highest ranked facility in the city across Google, Facebook, etc.; improving patient retention rates by Identifying every single patient that has a negative experience to improve customer retention and Identifying patient satisfaction trends to understand quality of care. A new generation patient satisfaction & online reputation management solution. Transforming brand reputation through patient engagement
Our mission from the get-go has been to help companies grow by automatically getting more out of their current customers base. Compared to other software, we offer multiple tools to deliver on that mission: Customer satisfaction surveys, online reviews, and cross-sales. Additional tools will be added to keep delivering on our mission. Most of our users chose InputKit over the competition for its ease of use, its beautiful design, and our 5-star customer service. Customer Feedback & Reviews software that helps small & medium businesses grow their business.
VideoPeel is the premier remote video capturing platform for businesses to capture, respond to, analyze and share videos from their customers. VideoPeel helps businesses 10X their amount of user generated video content, so they can drive 20% plus conversions, traffic, satisfaction, and consumer insights. Were improving the way online marketing, research and communications is done. Makes it easy for businesses to remotely capture customer videos in seconds for video testimonials and voice of the customer.
Surveyol is an easy to use, full featured survey creator and a robust set of analytics - at an affordable price. Gain better understanding of your customers, products, employees and market demands. Perfect for mobile uses. No limits for number of question, responses etc. Real time analytics. Surveyol is a Fast, Affordable, and Easy Survey Tool for any small to mid-size business.
Zoho Discussions helps create Idea Forums, Employee Forums, Intranets etc at the click of a button. With Zoho Discussions, customer and employee engagement becomes a snap. Experience higher customer satisfaction with Zoho Discussions. Social networking platform that helps create external and internal communities to discuss topics, solve problems, and exhange ideas.
Get Satisfaction is the leading customer engagement platform that gathers product ideas, builds brands, creates sales opportunities, and scales customer support with no additional cost. Engage with your customers Anywhere they are: your website, Facebook, via search, or on a mobile device. Get Satisfaction provides a powerful core platform for your customer community, but our wealth of tools and features are what set us apart from the crowd. Cloud-based tool that builds online communities that enable productive conversations between companies and their customers.
Netigate is a leading European provider of cloud based services for online surveys that are primarily used for voice of customer (customer satisfaction), employee performance and market research. Through Netigates user friendly interface, the users can conduct surveys in a very effective way compared to other alternatives. Survey tool for HR, market, panel research via web or mobile phone. Offers analysis with cross tabulations, real-time results, and more
Attract more reviews wherever you sell! Target positive feedback with smart selective requests on Amazon, eBay, Trustpilot and Google and more. You can create rules to ensure that you only target your happy customers with review requests. Use proven email templates and insert your logos and images, or create your own emails tailored to your brand. xSellco Feedback connects with everywhere you sell, so you can increase your Amazon Feedback and broader online reputation from a single place. Improve your seller rating through automated intelligent feedback requests on Amazon, eBay, Trustpilot and Google.