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Discuss.io helps market researchers stay on track during interviews and streamline the work that follows. Features include moderation; public, private and back room chat; interactive stimuli, screen sharing and whiteboards; searchable transcriptions; team management; translator capability; respondent management tools, (recruiting, incentive management, etc); and powerful flagging & tagging. Easily create clips and build a highlight reel that tells a story, without pouring through hours of video. Learn more about Discuss.io Gather MR insights quickly with integrated global recruitment, transcription, translation, flagging, tagging, & highlight reel creation Learn more about Discuss.io
Are your prices too low? or too high? How much are your customers really willing to pay? What features or benefit would they pay more for? 88% of all prices are decided on gut feeling, guesswork, repeat of last year's prices and other unscientific methods. The result: either too high prices that lead to loss of sale and market share or too low prices, leaving money on the table. With PriceBeam's cloud-based solution you can get scientific and precise insights into what the price should be. Learn more about Pricebeam Helps set optimized prices through science-based market research to make your company more profitable and drive growth. Learn more about Pricebeam
Pricing database for retailers and brands. The most comprehensive competitor pricing data on the market, scraped directly from your competitor websites and from comparison shopping engines. Save an average of 10 hours each week on manually checking competitor prices. Your products are matched on EAN code to our database, and price changes are updated hourly, ensuring high-quality data. Match your own assortment to our database and receive real data and real market insights for 2 weeks for free. Learn more about Pricewatch The most comprehensive pricing database in the market for retailers and brands. Save 10+ hour per week checking competitor pricing. Learn more about Pricewatch
Nfield is a powerful cloud based data collection platform for professional market research organizations. It features all you need to conduct high quality, professional and secure surveys. Nfield is available for CAPI and Online interviewing. Nfield is delivered as a service: hosted and managed by NIPO Software. For you this means: no servers, no licenses and no IT costs. NIPO Software takes care of running the IT infrastructure and making sure the platform is available 24x7. Learn more about Nfield Easy to use, but industry strength SaaS based mobile, online, CAPI and CATI platform for the professional Market Research industry. Learn more about Nfield
Looking for easy-to-use survey tool with plenty of powerful features? Survio is an online do-it-yourself platform that helps you build surveys, collect, analyze and share data. | Modern design and professional looking surveys that work on all devices. | Join more than 2 million satisfied customers from 190 countries around the world. | 16 languages | 19 question types | 100 survey templates | GDPR compliant | 2048-bit SSL security Learn more about Survio Easy-to-use | Award Winning | Survey platform with plenty of powerful features. Works on all devices. Learn more about Survio
Qualtrics Research Core (RC) is the the most trusted enterprise market research platform in the world to capture, analyze and act on data. Our flexible platform features make it easy to build beautiful, complex surveys with state of the art features. Track consumer behavior across diverse segments, benchmark your company versus competitors, conduct complex academic research, advertising and product testing. You are in control. Have our team of industry experts help you get started today! Qualtrics Research Core (RC) is the top-rated market research tool to drive better decisions with real-time insights and reporting.
Zoho Survey is easy-to-use online survey and questionnaire building software. Our features are scalable to suit yourneeds, with everything essential to create surveys, distribute them, and analyze responses.Survey panels are also available, if you needdata from specific demographics. Informed decisions are just around the corner.Learn more about Zoho Survey at https://www.zoho.com/survey/. Online survey tool that lets you create unlimited surveys, distribute them and analyze the data with ease.
SurveyGizmo helps customers conduct Market Research simply and without hidden costs. We make it easy to integrate data into your core business applications and connect it across the organization. With SurveyGizmo, you can provide insight and meet the high standards of information security, data governance, and cost management. This helps companies accelerate from data collection, to analysis to action. SurveyGizmo puts Market Research data in the hands of the people who can take action and integrates with the systems you use every day.
Get answers fast with Nextiva Surveys, our custom online market research software. Collect the answers you need to understand your audience and make better decisions. Featuring nine question types, survey templates, email notifications, skip logic, and more, Nextiva Surveys provides the tools needed to measure respondents. Plus businesses can customize landing pages, thank you pages, colors, and everything in between! Seamlessly integrate with other Nextiva products for a full view of audiences. Get answers fast with Nextiva Surveys, a custom online market research software. Collect the answers you need to understand audience.
Bloomfire helps Market Research teams create a dynamic, shareable research library. Our platform makes it simple for insights teams to share their work and for stakeholders to discover the insights they need to drive business decisions. Bloomfire is used by hundreds of thousands of employees at leading companies such as Capital One, Southwest Airlines, FedEx, and HomeAway to increase the impact of their market research to make informed decisions, and drive results. Knowledge engagement software enabling teams to access, collaborate across, and draw upon their organizations collective intelligence.
Find great prospects, know who makes their buying decisions, deliver a compelling pitch and win more business using MediaRadar. We have the most relevant data, insights, and advice that you need to increase revenue now, alongside our award-winning Customer Service team built to help you win. Ready to see how MediaRadar will help you take your business to the next level? MediaRadar is a cloud-based tool that helps professionals and agencies close more deals.
Enterprise survey software with users in 150 countries. Conduct insightful surveys and gain actionable feedback! Monitor customer experience (CX), employee experience (EX) and engagement. Close the loop with shareable reports, dashboards, alerts and follow-up tools. Integrate with Slack, Zendesk, API, CRM & more. Includes unlimited users and works in 47 languages. Clients include L'Oreal, Toyota, Citibank, Q8, Heineken, Sony, Manpower, ... Enterprise survey software. Conduct insightful surveys and gain actionable feedback! Close the loop with reports, dashboards & alerts.
QuestionPro provides powerful online survey software designed to help you make better business decisions. Our easy to use software includes tools for creation, distribution, and analysis of online surveys, polls, forms and quizzes. Use our advanced features to completely customize the survey experience and power sophisticated analysis. Best of all, our customer support team is available 24-hrs a day to guarantee your project is a success! Survey software for the creation, distribution, and analysis of surveys, polls, and forms.
With the SmartSurvey SaaS platform, users can capture, analyse and report virtually any type of data via a simple, yet stylish, online survey service. SmartSurvey allows users to directly reach the people whose opinions matter the most, clients, partners, patients, students and suppliers. SmartSurvey specialises in providing survey solutions for multinational business and enterprise clients, offering dedicated support and secure data storage on UK/EU based servers. SmartSurvey is an online survey solution that helps anyone create surveys, collect data and analyse results.
QuickTapSurvey lets you capture in-person data that matters to your business. Build, customize, and launch your data collection campaigns in minutes with 100% data coverage guarantee (no internet required). Perfect for in-person lead capture, trade shows, intercept marketing, market research, and customer satisfaction. QuickTapSurvey makes it easy to ask smart questions anywhere (no internet required and a 100% data coverage guarantee).
SimilarWeb is a global cross-device market intelligence company used by 100,000s of businesses worldwide, including Google, eBay, Nike, and United Airlines, to discover, decide and deploy their digital strategy. SimilarWeb has raised $65 million to date, and currently employs more than 250 people across 8 global offices. SimilarWeb was recognized in 2015 as one of Europes top 100 fastest growing companies by Red Herring, was selected by Wired Magazine as one of the hottest 100 start-ups. Digital market intelligence company used by 100,000s of businesses for global cross-device strategic insights.
Global Fortune 500 companies use QuickSurveys to transforms the consumer insights and market research landscape: consumer surveys can be designed and launched in minutes, advanced targeting capabilities using Toluna's global panel means data collection begins immediately, and advanced analysis capability through the built-in analytics platform takes place in real time. QuickSurveys provides time to insight 10x faster than traditional research methods. And end-to-end survey and consumer insights platform that is fully integrated with our global community of over 21 million consumers.
Recollective is a cloud-service provider. We're focused on building software to enable agencies and businesses to engage in conversations, discover information and discern insights that drive better business decisions. Using Recollective's comprehensive online qual tools, researchers can collect text, photo and video media, conduct card sorting, fill-the-blanks, image markup and video markup exercises plus a quant-style tasks such as polls and grids on mobile and at any scale or duration. Recollective is an online community platform for customer engagement and qual research. Mobile, activity-based, secure and scalable.
SurveySparrow's Market Research Software helps steer your marketing strategies in the right direction. Target your ideal audience across channels viz. web, mobile, social & email. Gauge Market Pulse periodically with scheduled surveys & reports. With advanced reporting filters, uncover critical research insights to stay ahead of competition & keep up with fluctuating market conditions. Integrate with the top marketing tools & achieve a seamless workflow. Experience true automation. Know your target market inside-out. Gauge market pulse, assess competition & keep up with the fluctuating market trends.
SurveyLab is a professional online survey tool that supports survey creation, automates response collection and report generation. System is a web application and no additional software expect web browser is needed to use it. Some of the service features include: advances logic & randomization, any language support & multi-language surveys, teamwork & survey results sharing, enhanced security (SSL/HTTPS), survey results export (Excel, SPSS, PowerPoint), branding & white label surveys, API. Professional online survey software. Surveys, questionnaires, forms and tests for Customer Experience, Market Research, HR and more!
Key Survey is an enterprise-level survey and market research platform that lets researchers collect, manage and leverage data within their organization and across their customer base. Advanced features such as private labeling, scoring, calculations, advanced logic, automated workflows, bi-directional integration, and custom BI Dashboard development put Key Survey at the top of the list of survey software vendors. Key Survey is also well known for having a world-class support staff. Enterprise level survey software for large organizations collecting feedback within their company and from their customers.
Xoxoday Plum is an API driven digital rewards platform that automates rewards, incentives and gifting. The storefront has a global catalogue of 5,000+ experiences, 2000+ gift cards and 10,000+ perks. Plum offers reward distribution modes like sending bulk vouchers via emails, generation of bulk voucher codes, distribution through APIs and physical rewards delivery. Helps organizations implement rewards and benefits programs at scale. Plum has a vast collection of experiences and digital gift cards.
Powerful survey software tool with 24 x 7 support & advice from survey experts. Perfect tool for businesses and consultants to uncover knowledge & ideas, make decisions & drive action. Create & deploy any type of survey. Engage employees and teams to uncover their suggestions & improve performance. Discover what customers say & recommend. Find out your Net promoter Score (NPS). Explore opinions & generate ideas. Conduct research on markets & potential customers. Powerful survey software tool for businesses and consultants to uncover knowledge & ideas, make decisions & drive action.
Survey software that is made for (and by) professional market researchers. Conduct multi-modal surveys through our online web survey tools & streamline your data collection processes with our platform. Voxco users appreciate having the choice between hosted or on-premises servers, customizable data dashboards & personalized customer service. A global leader with clients in 30+ countries. Offices in Can/US, Europe & Aus. Try our sample survey today! Survey software that is made for (and by) researchers. Streamline your data collection processes with our online survey platform.
CMNTY Platform is a highly intuitive online research platform used by marketers and insights professionals for project based and continuous insights communities. CMNTY's platform and services include panel recruitment, qual and quant research activities, video focus groups, moderation, AI-powered data analysis and reporting. CMNTY Platform is world's most intuitive qual + quant online market research solution.
Market research tool that utilizes eBay data to help sellers identify top performing products across 22 markets. Market research tool that utilizes eBay data to help sellers identify top performing products across 22 markets.
Reward research participants with US and international e-gift cards and virtual Visa/MasterCard. Personalize the entire reward experience from email address to gifting pages. Automate rewards with our easy integration with SurveyMonkey, Qualtrics, SurveyGizmo, Marketo & HubSpot. Or, simply import a growing list of recipients as often as needed. Get 100% refunds on unclaimed gifts. Manage multiple programs with a clear picture of gifts and expenses. Get started in minutes! Reward research participants with e-gift cards & virtual Visa/MasterCard. US & global choices. Works with SurveyMonkey and Qualtrics.
GoSurvey is an offline survey app, which is easy to use and efficient as well. With GoSurvey, collect field data without worrying about internet connection, capture more leads at trade shows, create a better experience by collecting customer feedback and grow your business. Use it even for employee engagement and employee satisfaction. With powerful features and great customer support, we ensure your business gets growing. An in person survey app for field researchers, NGO, businesses & organizations looking to collect data without internet.
SurveyMonkey Audience is the fastest DIY market research solution. Built right into the SurveyMonkey platform, weve integrated with panels in over 100 countries to enable global consumer research anytime, anywhere, and for any budget. Target respondents by demographics, firmographics or custom screening questions, automatically launch projects on your schedule, and start seeing results in real-time. SurveyMonkey Audience is the fastest DIY market research solution.
A survey software specialized in telephone (CATI) methodology that also manages web (CAWI) and face-to-face (CAPI) in a clean and modern interface. With IdSurvey you easily script questionnaires, collect and analyze data all on the same platform. Web-based: you just need a common browser and internet connection. Turn your data into in-depth survey reports and intuitive dashboards ready to share with your team and customers. Available on cloud or premise. Survey software for Market Research specialized in telephone methodology (CATI) that also manages web (CAWI) and CAPI offline.
User Interviews is a user research platform that helps UX and product professionals make better business decisions. Recruit any audience, anywhere in the U.S. fast with prices starting at just $20 per recruited participant. Recruit for moderated or unmoderated, remote or in-person studies. Choose from consumers or professionals within our vetted database of over 100,000. We can even help you recruit from your own database with our Research Hub product. It's free to create an account! User Interviews helps teams make better business decisions with fast, affordable participant recruiting and research ops management.
Create powerful choice survey's using Conjoint Analysis and MaxDiff within Sawtooth Software's online Discover platform. A streamlined experience lets users create sophisticated skip logic and quota control with simple intuitive drop downs. With data collected, simulate which product will perform the best in the marketplace. Filter out which features are most important to users, and create products that will drive the most market share. Discover is Sawtooth Software's Web-based survey authoring application that includes Conjoint Analysis and MaxDiff.
Modular software for working with telephone, online, in-person and printed questionnaires as well as panel management. The Survey System is the most complete software available for all types of survey research. Includes advanced logic and comprehensive reporting and analysis. The Survey System has been refined and expanded in response to client comments and requests since 1983. Modular software for working with telephone, online, in-person and printed questionnaires as well as panel management.
mQuest from cluetec is the solution for mobile surveying and digitalisation of data of all kinds. Independent of WiFi and mobile connections, future-proof, customisable and easy to integrate. mQuest® from cluetec is the solution for mobile surveying and digitalisation of data of all kinds.
A powerful yet very easy-to-use professional data collection tool that enables you to gather high quality data and populate sophisticated quotas all of which can be interpreted instantly. Whether your organisation focuses on interviewing via CATI, CAPI or WAPI/CAWI or a mixture of these methodologies, Dub InterViewer does the trick. Switching between collection modes during fieldwork is a breeze. No onsite installation required. Call centre in a box with our on-demand hosted Dialer as a service. Conduct face-2-face, telephone and internet research from one centralized platform with the most flexible data collection software.
RotatorSurvey is a low-cost-robust Windows desktop App which supports all data collection methods, including Paper (PAPI), Phone (CATI), Mobile devices (CAPI), Online Surveys (CAWI) and even Kiosks and paper surveys Data Entry. Rotator offers a fast, reliable, secure and friendly data collection process. In addition, you can unify and classify open text questions and ensure the quality of the survey processes. Rotator is used by hundreds of researchers and market research companies worldwide. Robust desktop Survey App for Windows supporting all data collection methods: Paper, Phone, Mobile devices, Kiosks and Online Surveys,
LivingLens helps the world's best brands and market research agencies work with video feedback at scale by analyzing the data contained within speech, sentiment, emotion, and tone. Our video intelligence platform automatically extracts insights and identifies key themes that take you to meaningful content quickly, so you can tell powerful stories to inspire action and drive change within your organization. LivingLens video intelligence platform automatically captures and extracts meaningful insights from customer feedback videos.
GovWin IQs market leading intelligence backed by the industrys largest team of analysts focused on government contracting enables organizations to gain a competitive advantage in pursuing and winning business with federal, state, and local governments and educational institutions by providing early insight on procurement opportunities, competitive and partner intelligence, agency research and spending patterns, and teaming and networking solutions. Government contracting intelligence platform that helps businesses access procurement contacts and manage public sector opportunities.
An easy online tool for discrete choice experimentation (conjoint analysis) to optimize pricing and product features. With Conjoint.ly, you can set up your experiment, customise the look of the survey, collect responses (including sourced from panel providers), and analyse the data: build simple reports, explore market segments, simulate market shares, export to Excel and PowerPoint, and more. Conjoint.ly is an all-encompassing tool from designing the experiment to packaging the results. An easy online tool for discrete choice experimentation (conjoint analysis) to optimize pricing and product features.
Clootrack discovers your customer perceptions real time. Clootrack does this by analyzing your customer conversations online and in customer care tickets. Understand your customer pulse like never before to deliver marketing communication with confidence. Discover your customer perceptions real time. A super fast alternative to traditional marketing surveys.
Insightrix Online Community platform allows companies to engage with their customers on an ongoing basis using qualitative and quantitative tools. With options for long term and short term contracts, our platform was built by researchers, for researchers. One flat price gives unlimited access to surveys, discussions and your data. Our DIY software gives you the flexibility you need, but we are always here to help! The choice is yours! Online research community platform hosted in Canada, complete with training tools, updates and self-managed or full-service options.
By using DataPlay you can significantly cut your time spent on analysis and presentation of data. DataPlay Suite automates MS PowerPoint presentation generation through a set of data analysis, data visualization and data storage solutions. DataPlay applications boost the productivity of researchers by empowering them with intuitive tools for automated SPSS data visualization. All DataPlay applications are securely stored in DataPlay Cloud, which enables users to securely share the information. Integrated suite of applications that fully meets your analysis, visualization, and presentation needs in market research.
BlueX, the survey software for everyone, gives you the possibility to create surveys as simple or as complex as needed. Need just a simple five-question survey? BlueX can do that. Need a 50 question survey with advanced logic such as conditional branching, piping, or randomization? BlueX can do that too. With BlueXs free-form editor, you can craft exactly how you want your survey to look and ask the questions that are important to you. BlueX, the survey software for everyone, gives you the possibility to create surveys as simple or as complex as needed.
CoolTool is the new gen behavioral analytics platform that allows you to create catchy ads, engaging campaigns, strong brand, and effective website. The platform incorporates fully digital tools such as the most accurate webcam eye tracking, the effective emotion measurement tool, powerful implicit tests that are all integrated into the survey engine. By working simultaneously these tools guarantee you the most comprehensive and reliable feedback from your consumers. New gen behavioral feedback platform wich unites webcam eye tracking, facial coding, implicit tests integrated into a survey
Q One is a SaaS (software-as-a-service) single cloud-based, multi-channel, multi-currency, and multi-lingual market research platform offering a full range of features for research professionals and organization focusing on automating panel recruiting/management, incentivizing panel member, survey programming and data collection that increase panel engagement and collect real-time data driven insights. Panel Management Data Collection Survey Design Fraud Prevention CRM Quotation Instant messenger Project Management
Remesh lets you engage with hundreds, up to 1,000 people online at once in order to get deep, qualitative insights at a quantitative scale in minutes. The Remesh platform uses artificial intelligence to analyze, understand, and segment verbatim audience responses as they happen- so you can quickly act on the insights you find. Speed up your innovation cycle whether you're getting product feedback, testing ad campaigns, or learning about your target demographic- get a free demo now! Remesh is an AI-driven platform for engaging with hundreds of consumers at once in order to get qualitative insights at scale
DemandJump removes the blindspots from digital marketing by revealing more of the customer journey and competitive landscape than you could ever see before. #1 See what consumers are doing - not just which ad they click on, but the websites they visit, the searches they conduct along the path to purchase, and more. #2 See what competitors are doing - where theyre showing up, whats driving their traffic, the content/ads they use, and how you compare. #3 See what you should be doing next. With DemandJump you will see what consumers are doing, see what your competitors are doing, and see what you should be doing next.
STAMP is a B2B Retention Automation Platform for companies with > $25M in revenue that visualizes data in real time, starting with a summary dashboard across your customer base, while enabling drill down to each and every client. STAMP also provides comparative analytics by decision maker, company, and account manager. STAMP empowers organizations to analyze whats most important to their customers, measure performance in key categories, and implement Playbooks to retain key accounts. STAMP is a B2B Retention Automation Platform that determines how well you are delivering on the needs of your most important customers.
QUINI DATA is specifically for wineries, retailers and distributors. Cut your consumer research cost by up to 50%. A wine review tool people understand, and analytics touted by professors and researchers at Cornell and Georgetown University. QUINI DATA delivers sensory and attitudinal data in near real-time for impactful insights. With tools for every customer touch point to get hundreds of wine reviews weekly. Sensory feedback, price sentiment, NPS, expectations, likability. 30+ data points. A new paradigm in consumer research. Capture and analyze feedback from customer tastings for faster, more profitable decisions.
Confirmit provides a scalable end-to-end platform which enables users to create, deploy, manage, and analyze the results of research projects and feedback programs ranging from a few hundred to millions of respondents. Market Research agencies benefit from the comprehensive platform that incorporates a range of data collection modes and full panel management capabilities to standardize their processes and yield lower total cost of ownership. User-friendly software enabling creation of powerful and valuable survey research and feedback applications.
Elium is a high-quality social knowledge management solution that focuses on content relevance. Managers need a way to break down information silos and make sure everyone has the information they need, without bombarding them with unnecessary documents. With a platform like Elium, managers have one central space to organize, discuss, and share information. The system has a simple-to-use but highly sophisticated search function, and facilitates easier referencing by immediately tagging content. Let anyone initiate discussions, foster the network and monitor activities. Collaborative problem-solving and iterations are the future
With Altiar, users can connect quickly with the information they need, enabling organizations to improve performance and competitiveness. By providing targeted tools to help users discover content, Altiar Enterprise offers a powerful way to promote and share knowledge within an organization. No matter how your data is structured, Altiar Enterprise unlocks its true potential by transforming it into a streamlined on-brand portal. A powerful, simple to customize platform with integrated tools to promote and share knowledge and content within an organization.
Appinio is an all-in-one market research tool. Create a survey, select an audience, get results within minutes and analyse them right in our dashboard. No prior market research knowledge required, Appinio is made to enable market research for everyone. Once you create your survey on our website, we deliver it to our own panel via push notification and they answer immediately. This means you don't need to worry about 3rd party panels or where you get your respondents from. We have them! All-in-one market research tool. Create a survey, select an audience, get and analyze results within minutes. It's that simple.
Fuel Cycle is the leading experience management platform that transforms brand interactions through communities (discussions, surveys, live chats, progressive profiling, diary study, and crosst abs, Plus panels to find the audience you need and integrations with the industries top applications through FCX Marketplace allowing a true unified research ecosystem. FC is the only XM platform that offers live mobile interviews so you can capture in the moment feedback. See the difference we can make! Experience management platform that helps businesses provide insights to connect the product, brand, customer, and employees together.
Want quality insights, faster? Harmoni is a powerful platform purpose-built for market research survey data analysis and visualization. From data processing and harmonization through to analysis, reporting, visualization, dynamic dashboards, sharing, and data alerts. Harmoni is a real 'data-to-decision-making' solution for market researchers and insight profesionals. A powerful market research survey data analysis & visualization platform for brands and agencies to get quality insights faster.
Grande Central Survey is a multi-family market survey program that offers 3 levels of service (1) Onsite Staff members shop competitor properties. (2) Turnkey Market Intelligence:Grande Central Survey shops competitors, and updates pricing and concessions. (3) Grande Central Survey automatically acquires and generates market data from public and crowd sourced data exchange to update survey. Due Diligence survey formats are an available option. Streamline, collect, organize, and archive competitive market data with unlimited reporting capabilities.
Actionable insights for Amazon, eBay and Walmmartsellers that save time, decrease risk and optimize sales. Actionable insights for Amazon, eBay and Walmart sellers that save time, decrease risk and optimize sales.
VideoPeel is the premier remote video capturing platform for businesses to capture, respond to, analyze and share videos from their customers. VideoPeel helps businesses 10X their amount of user generated video content, so they can drive 20% plus conversions, traffic, satisfaction, and consumer insights. Were improving the way online marketing, research and communications is done. Makes it easy for businesses to remotely capture customer videos in seconds for video testimonials and voice of the customer.
SelfCommunity is a versatile and intuitive SaaS cloud platform that enables brands and organizations to create their own Social Network. It helps companies that want to strengthen brand awareness, product feedback and customer retention and need tools for developing effective market research strategies. It comes with a unique and complete set of features and powerful in-platform marketing tools that enable companies to maximize and make the most of their communities. SelfCommunity is a SaaS platform that enables brands to create their own Social Network anddevelop effective market research strategies
Our mission is to connect people to the knowledge they need to become better at what they do. We believe that reading opens doors, whether thats performing better at work, mastering a craft, learning something new, or following current events. Reading is an important tool for those with curious minds, and Feedly is an app that enables readers to connect with the topics and sources they are most passionate about. Organize, read and share what matters to you. Our product is an AI-research assistant that helps you get rid of information overload.
Pollfish is the only consumer-focused market research platform that owns the full end-to-end experience, enabling brands, agencies and SMEs to reach over 500 million real mobile consumers who are randomly selected to spontaneously take surveys in the apps already installed on their devices - leading to better quality data, delivered faster and at a lower cost than traditional market research companies or legacy DIY offerings. Pollfish is a DIY, mobile-first market research platform, offering access to 450M+ mobile consumers across more than 160 countries.
ARCS is an all in one tool offering Panel Management, Multi-Mode Data Collection, Automated Recruiting, custom Report Building and Engagement Tracking. Our fully integrated email and messaging platform allow you to engage with your panel members and keep track of your touch points, studies they participated in, their answers, scheduling, reminding and incentive tracking. An all in one tool offering Panel Management, Multi Mode Data Collection, Automated Recruiting, custom Report Building and more.
Online solution that helps streamline workflow operations through client dashboards, multi-channel surveys, retail audits & more. Online solution that helps streamline workflow operations through client dashboards, multi-channel surveys, retail audits & more.
AYTMs market research automation platform is the secret weapon that drives agile innovation for the largest consumer brands in the world. Reach 40MM consumers via our integrated platform and run sophisticated quantitative research tests including max-diff and conjoint in minutes. Run quantitative research, collaborate on survey design and launch complex sophisticated research tests in minutes.
Business intelligence, capture, & proposal management solution in one secure, collaborative, and customizable platform. Business intelligence, capture, & proposal management solution in one secure, collaborative, and customizable platform.
The first and last step to any successful marketing communication strategy starts here - at a fraction of the normal cost. Our Competitive Compass measures the long and short of marketing communications effectiveness in comparison to your competitors with real time data. What you will receive: 1) A quick and powerful overview of your brands effectiveness. 2) KPI's that matter based on 100+ years of combined marketing experience and academia. 3) Brand tracking over time in real-time. Start measuring the long and short of marketing communications effectiveness in comparison to your competitors with real time data.
Tellwut provides you with easy to use online survey software tools and panel management software so you can crowdsource opinions from our entire panel or the demographic you choose. Its a great way to DIY online market research; watching results online real-time. Demographic reports are available. Our tools make for easy analysis. Our customer service is fast and friendly. We are your one stop shop for online market research survey tools, panel management and the panel itself. Start Now! Easy to use business survey tool. Create a survey in minutes. Survey your stakeholders or Tellwut base. Real-time demographic reports.
Quirkos helps people sort, manage and understand large amounts of text. Users can tag or code relevant sections of text, and collate and compare themes across dozens of different sources. Quirkos helps people doing qualitative research to understand and analyse sources of data such as interview transcripts, surveys, focus groups and articles. See your data as you work with it - receive immediate visual feedback into emerging themes. Share insights in a variety of reports.
Helping market researchers to quickly discover stories in their data. Everything that can be automated, is automated. Including cleaning & formatting data, statistical testing, generating tables, updating analyses and reproducing reports. Most analysis tools make statistical analysis harder than it ought to be. We have automated all the steps that usually take people years of training to learn. Visualize information to show patterns that matter and design reports to be read. A big data solution for market researchers to do the most advanced analysis, visualizations & reports.
InfoScout helps brands and retailers grow via next generation consumer insights derived from Americas largest purchase panel. With more than 100 million brick-and-mortar and ecommerce receipts captured annually, InfoScout has rapidly become a primary source of real-time, omnichannel behavioral insights for the world's leading brands and retailers. Learn more at www.infoscoutinc.com. InfoScout offers brands and retailers real-time, omnichannel insights derived from Americas largest purchase panel.
methinks helps companies target, find and interview customers and prospects via face-to-face video calls. This qualitative research-as-a-service (RaaS) helps businesses learn from their customers through efficient, cost-effective conversations that are moderated, recorded, transcribed, annotated, and easily edited and shared for rapid, organizational learning. methinks RaaS-based platform allows researchers to conduct live interviews, qualitative surveys and longitudinal studies. methinks is an online qualitative research platform that provides on-demand interactions with qualified consumers.
Automate your entire research process in one single, affordable platform. With CYS, importing, combining and improving data becomes very easy. Automatically translate these data into attractive reports and infographics, which are automatically send to the right stakeholders. By combining and reporting research and different types of BI data you are able to wow your customers and research sponsors. Start a 30-day free trial and discover the endless possibilities. Automate your research process in one single platform. Combine and report research and different types of BI data with CYS. Free Trial.
From customer interviews to usability assessments, Handrail turns research data into meaningful information so you can define, measure and improve user experience and satisfaction. -See the data through the lens of your Personas so you can make decisions based on your user types. -Gather feedback, ask follow up questions and record observations while you are having conversations to uncover insights about your product or service. -Use standard usability metrics and measurements Market research solution that helps businesses curate insights from research data to define, measure, and improve user experience.
MaritzCX is customer experience (CX) management for big business. Organizations need CX programs that drive high value and high return. We help increase customer retention and lifetime value by ingraining customer experience-driven insight and action into the DNA of business operations. With a unique combination of CX software, data and research science, deep vertical market expertise, and managed program services, only MaritzCX offer a full-service, professional CX approach. MaritzCX offers a full-service CX approach to continuously improve the CX across an enterprises customers, employees, and partners.
Survata is a new type of consumer insights service. We serve leading clients like Clorox, Disney, Microsoft, Samsung, and Hallmark. We find targeted respondents to complete our clients' surveys. We're the fastest, most affordable way to conduct a quality online survey. Online survey research solution geared for small businesses to Fortune 500 companies.
Knowledge360 is an enterprise competitive intelligence solution that automates the collection and organization of publicly available and proprietary information sources including user uploaded content. Users benefit from real-time information saved to a single centralized location as well as push and pull intelligence sharing. Analysts and researchers using K360, spend less time gathering and sharing information and more time developing deep strategic insights for their business. NLP enabled tagging automates CI gathering and organizing. Alerts, templates and dashboards engage users of all levels.
Ask any open-ended question to a public panel. Define your target segments. Get real-time co-created responses directly to your dashboard. Free Trial. Ask any open-ended question to a public panel. Get real-time co-created responses directly to your dashboard. Free Trial.
Trusted by thousands of users everyday, ZIK Analytics is a leading e-commerce market research tool, that helps sellers find profitable items to sell on eBay (& other marketplaces) and shows them how to sell their items fast by ranking them on page 1. Included with ZIK are many different tools that use the power of analytics data to find the best products, niches and categories along with a free training academy. A 7 day free trial is available via their website. Shows you what to sell on eBay, And how to sell it fast by ranking on page #1.
Powered by the worlds largest first-party permissioned dataset, Dynata Insights Platform is a single end-to-end solution to address all your insights and advertising needs. It provides seamless access to a wide range of solutions and services to simplify the research process and increase efficiencies. The platform enables researchers and marketers to build actionable insights, drive marketing campaigns at scale, and measure campaign effectiveness with Dynatas connected data solutions. Dynata Insights Platform is a single end-to-end solution to address all your insights and advertising needs.
YouGov is a global provider of data and analysis generated by consumer panels in 42 markets. We are powered by our unique connected data set, The YouGov Cube, encompassing hundreds of thousands of variables and over a decade of data on our panel members. With our continuously updated data we are able to provide the most accurate, complete, and dynamic portrait of the world. YouGov is a global research and data analytics group, collecting consumer data in 42 markets.
A fast, flexible and cost-effective method for conducting ongoing research with your own, proprietary, targeted sample population. A fast, flexible and cost-effective method for conducting ongoing research with your own, proprietary, targeted sample population.
FlexMR has been at the forefront of developing practical innovations in online market research for over a decade. During this time, we have worked with a cross-section of the worlds most innovative brands, including; iHeartMedia, Virgin Atlantic, Skybet, British Gas and Avery. Today, our team is committed to providing the technology, expertise and vision to deliver insight capable of making a real, tangible difference. We empower brands to inform every decision at the speed of business through on-demand insight and enterprise grade research technology.
Market research platform that helps find, screen and select participants for research projects through social media integration. Market research platform that helps find, screen and select participants for research projects through social media integration.
Market research platform that helps businesses with feature such as demand score, brand price conjoint, brand association and more. Market research platform that helps businesses with feature such as demand score, brand price conjoint, brand association and more.
Get all hands on deck to win your market with Crayon. Our software-driven platform captures your competitors moves in the digital sphere and surfaces the most important signals from the noise. Crayon also creates a shared workspace for your team to collaborate on analysis, deliver must-know real-time insights to all of your stakeholders, and collect new intel from the field. With Crayon, center your organization around capturing, analyzing, and acting on your competitive and market knowledge. Crayon is a software-driven platform that gives businesses a strategic advantage through market and competitive intelligence.
At Signum.ai, we provide companies with AI-powered tools to let them save time, boost revenue, and increase their teams' efficiency. Our advanced solutions help to automate sales, marketing, and market research: Leads Finder - to generate hyper-targeted leads, Influencers Discovery - to find influencers and analyze their audience and content, Competitive Intelligence - to track competitors and examine their marketing strategies, and Trend Tracking - to discover crucial market trends. Signum.ai provides companies with AI-powered tools to generate leads, find influencers, track competitors, and discover market trends.
The all-in-one research solution for online quantitative and qualitative research. Clients like Heineken, Philips and Coca Cola have used our platform to get the most valuable consumer insights. Our market research software shows that simplicity is the ultimate sophistication. Experience our research platform by requesting a demo and learn how it can help you obtain valuable consumer insights and uncover new and unmet consumer needs. The all-in-one market research solution for online quantitative and qualitative research.
One point of access to the aggregated, organized information your knowledge workers need One point of access to the aggregated, organized information your knowledge workers need
Implement a winning opportunity strategy with a comprehensive market intelligence platform for government contractors. For government contractors - Implement a winning opportunity strategy with the most comprehensive market intelligence platform.
GetKeywords is keyword research tool that is used by thousands of SEO professionals and marketers across the globe. GetKeywords offer 100K+ locations with city level targeting. GetKeywords helps to focus on next generation of Keyword Research with Audience Insights & Intent based Keyword suggestions to get exactly what needed with minimum efforts. Keyword research with city-level targeting, market analysis & intent based search.
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Vision Critical is the world leader in custom online panels and branded research communities. We've worked with hundreds of clients across multiple verticals worldwide with clients that include Nestle, Fast Company, Banana Republic, Kodak, Major League Baseball and Dairy Queen. We deliver the technology and support services to help clients engage with and learn more from customers using interactive surveys, discussion forums and 3D environments. We deliver innovative tools and a team of experts to recruit, engage and learn more with a custom online panel.
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Proprietary survey and market research software programmed and hosted on our own survey platform. Proprietary survey and market research software programmed and hosted on our own survey platform.
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JAMBO Market Research Software. Jambo supplies complete and integrated software systems for professional market research. The software is so easy to use that researchers can create and manage complex questionnaires and reports themselves. Jambo is fully web-based and therefore accessible through an Internet browser at any time and from any location. Jambo supplies complete and integrated software systems for professional market research.
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Online panel management and research services solution for companies that need to build custom panels and conduct online surveys. Online panel management and research services solution for companies that need to build custom panels and conduct online surveys.
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Streamline your entire sales fulfilment processes, in the office or out in the field. PSI provide a flawless field data collection and sales fulfilment software solution to help you centralise control and manage your entire workforce, helping you cut down on lost sales and guarantee compliance to industry regulations. Integrated mobile application platform. Field based payment processing, live synchronisation to systems such as billing, ERP & CRM etc.
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The recruitment, management, maintenance and hosting of panels for companies requiring ongoing and immediate access to opinions. The recruitment, management, maintenance and hosting of panels for companies requiring ongoing and immediate access to opinions.
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Measures online sentiment to gauge trends, predict consumer needs, conduct online market research, and drive corporate strategy. Measures online sentiment to gauge trends, predict consumer needs, conduct online market research, and drive corporate strategy.
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The Tambellini Group is the worlds leading independent technology research and advisory firm dedicated exclusively to higher education. Tambellini offers direct interaction with the top industry analysts and provides custom, data-driven advisory services. The companys proprietary database of more than 19,900 globalinstitutions technology selections and nearly 67,000 listings is unparalleled in the industry. Members leverage Tambellinis unbiased research on the changing education technology Independent technology research and advisory firm dedicated exclusively to higher education
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On-premise market research tool that helps companies with strategy creation, branding, product development and distribution. On-premise market research tool that helps companies with strategy creation, branding, product development and distribution.
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Desktop survey processing system that provides questionnaire design, analysis/tabulations & interviewing/data entry tools, add-ons. Desktop survey processing tool that helps businesses create survey design templates, conduct online interviews, and manage data entry.